For professional screen-recording software, it's hard to top Camtasia Studio, a popular--and pricey--application for capturing, editing, and producing screencasts, especially tutorials and presentations. One of Camtasia Studio's strengths is its well-rounded list of preset production values for multiple media formats, including Web-optimized Flash, DVD, and iPod. On Tuesday, TechSmith released Camtasia Studio 5.1, an update that officially packages your screen recordings as MV4 files for playback on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is good news for owners of Apple's vanguard media players and great news for corporate Camtasia producers trying to reach them.

In addition to adding support for the two touch-screen gadgets, Camtasia Studio 5.1 enhances a few other operations. For instance, users will now find a drop-down menu for a third audio track. The tools for adding and editing call outs have also been streamlined, and two new call outs have joined the library. Producers will appreciate that the slick Express Show template has opened up to FLV files, and that Camtasia Theater can now wrap FLV and Express Show files into a snazzy presentation that users can navigate on their own, instead of just SWF files.

Licensed users of Camtasia Studio 5 will receive the updates for free. Everyone else can download the 30-day trial.

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