Opera Mini 6.5 on the iPad. (Credit: Opera Software)

Two new features arrived today in Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for most operating systems besides Android, which already had received the upgrade.

Opera Mini 6.5 for iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian S60, and Java-enabled phones, and Opera Mobile 11.5 for Symbian received improvements to bookmarking and data-use notification, coming just after the company announced significant growth in the use of its mobile browsers.

The minor update brings a data saver notification and simpler way to add bookmarks and speed dial shortcuts to the browser. The data saver in Opera Mini is one of those nonessential features that draws your attention to a key function of Opera Mini: namely, how much bandwidth the browser's Turbo mode has saved you. Turbo is really a compression agent that runs whatever Web site you're visiting through Opera's servers and squeezes it down to a size that makes it easier to resolve for people with slow phones or on slow connections.

The commonplace "star" in the address field of most browser location bars has now been added to Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. This means that bookmarking or adding a site to speed dial is dramatically simpler, as well as being an action that is the same across browsers and platforms.

For people who aren't sure what the differences between the two browsers are, fear not. Opera has announced that it plans on merging the two lines in the coming year, at least on Android. But if it's successful there, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that hybrid ported to other mobile operating systems. At the moment, the biggest difference is that Mini always has the data-saving Opera Turbo turned on, while Opera Mobile more closely replicates the desktop browser experience on the smartphone.