Although there weren't any major browser updates, the past week saw a lot of browser-related news hit the wire. From what users have been able to test in the Chrome 5 beta and Chrome 5 developer's builds, and what's been discovered on Google-related blogs, the shape of the next version of Chrome is coming into focus. Google's accelerated development of Chrome isn't surprising given the browser's skyrocketing market share, and the company plans on baking Flash right into the browser.

Other browsers featured in the week's news include a minor update to Firefox 3.6.3, a commitment from Mozilla to speed up development of hardware graphics acceleration, Firefox's last update to Firefox 3.x, and 10 emergency security patches for Internet Explorer.

Besides browsers, Microsoft dropped an Office bombshell. It announced that the Office suite will compete with both free productivity suites like OpenOffice as well as Google Docs. As they make the online version of Office free to users, feature-limited versions of the suite will ship on many new computers.