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UberEats (Android, iOS) is one of the most popular food delivery services around, allowing you to order restaurant meals faster than a speeding Uber. Available in most major cities, UberEats brings you the dishes you crave from among 70-plus cuisine categories and a variety of restaurants, fast food joints, or grocery stores.

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Sign up with your Uber account, allow the app access to your location, and you'll see participating restaurants nearby. Tap any appealing options, and you'll get a menu with recommended items up top. Drool-inducing food photos and reviews will help you make your final decision. After adding items to your cart and confirming your address, delivery time, and order price, including tax and delivery fee (calculated based upon your proximity to the restaurant, but can go up when UberEats drivers are busier), conveniently pay with your Uber account, Venmo, or credit card.

But UberEats may not be available in your city or you may just not be a fan of Uber or its surge pricing during peak periods. Or maybe your favorite restaurant has not partnered with UberEats yet, so you're looking for UberEats alternatives. Our six potential replacements are all worth trying, especially since most of them entice users with free delivery and discount pricing on your first order.

1. Caviar

Available in 21 major cities and markets, Caviar (Android, iOS) lets you order menu items from a wide variety of restaurants -- some only available on Caviar -- quickly and efficiently. You can also skip the delivery fee and order for pickup.

Unlike some competing apps that seem to focus more on fast food chains, Caviar, as its name implies, includes fancier restaurants in its roster along with some more affordable eateries. Browse mouthwatering photo-driven menus from restaurants near you, so you know precisely what you're getting. In contrast to other apps, every item we saw here had a picture, so you know precisely what to expect from your dish.

Once you select your order, you'll see a breakdown of your bill, which includes a delivery fee, based on travel time from the restaurant, along with a service fee of 18 percent, and you're ready to schedule it.


2. DoorDash

Available in over 800 cities in the U.S. and Canada, DoorDash (Android, iOS) boasts the widest selection of both local eateries and national chains, with over 110,000 restaurant menus encompassing 30 cuisines. While some even offer free delivery, there aren't, however, any premium restaurants represented on the food delivery app.

If you're looking to wash your meal down with an adult beverage, tap the Drinks button on the bottom rail to get beer, wine, spirit, and mixer delivery from participating wine and liquor stores. Some of these liquor establishments also offer food delivery -- mostly snacks.

While DoorDash does not force order minimums, the service's sometimes pricey delivery fees often include an extra service fee and even surge pricing during busy times. That may be cost-prohibitive for some. But when you're hungry, DoorDash's fast delivery speed, exceeding expectations in testing, is priceless.


3. GrubHub

The GrubHub app (Android, iOS) can help you to restaurant pickup and delivery from local restaurants serving 50-plus cuisines. To start using GrubHub, just enter a delivery address, and you'll be served a list of restaurants that'll deliver to you, so you can see if it's worth signing up for the app before you're forced to "fork over" your personal information.

In GrubHub, you can just search for an item that appeals to you, pick the restaurant to get it from, select it off the menu, and order. You can even search for restaurants with coupon discounts. You'll also get exclusive promos in the app.

GrubHub doesn't even charge you for delivery (any delivery fees are set by the restaurant) and accepts credit cards, gift cards, and many of today's popular payment services, like Apple Pay, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout, and now Venmo. Better yet, your last payment method is saved to be automatically used the next time you place an order.


4. Eat24

Owned by GrubHub and powered by GrubHub's engine, the Eat24 app (Android, iOS) brings you food delivery or pickup from local fast food, fast casual, and nicer sit-down restaurants. Like GrubHub, there are 50 cuisine types to choose from, so you'll be able to satisfy all your cravings or dietary restrictions. Exclusive promos (and no unexpected delivery fees) in the Eat24 app sweeten the deal.

Still not sure what to order? Read customers' ratings and reviews of participating restaurants from Eat24's robust -- and vocal -- dining community. You'll also get recommendations of what to order at each restaurant.


5. Postmates

Place your restaurant or fast food order on the Postmates app (Android, iOS), available in most U.S. cities, and it'll be delivered directly to your doorstep for a fee. Postmates will also deliver groceries, alcohol, and gifts. Or you can skip the delivery fee and just order for pickup.

Unlike competing services, which often exclude premium restaurants and make their last delivery before midnight, Postmates partners with some of the finest local restaurants and offers 24/7 service, which means it'll deliver as long as the restaurant or grocery or liquor store is still serving.

For all this convenience, Postmates charges a $3.99 to $9.99 delivery fee, plus a variable percentage-based service fee during busy times. Thankfully, Postmates offers great deals to help offset pricey delivery fees. Or you can subscribe to the Postmates Unlimited program for $9.99 per month (or $83.99 per year) and get all orders over $20 with free delivery.


6. Delivery.com

Like Postmates, Delivery.com (Android, iOS), available in hundreds of cities across the U.S., brings you restaurant orders encompassing almost 40 cuisines, groceries, and spirits -- and even wash-and-fold services or dry cleaning from your local cleaners. Thankfully, Delivery.com was designed to make it easy to navigate all of its many offerings on even the smallest of devices.

With every order you place, you'll earn Delivery Points. You can redeem these points for credits on future orders and more. You'll also get exclusive app-only discounts and promotions.


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