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Nothing can ruin a fun night out like having to figure out your friends' fair share when the check arrives -- and then there's getting everyone to pay up. Splitting payments on rent, household bills, and travel expenses can be a headache, too. With these seven apps to split the bill, splitting bills has never been easier. With these iPhone and Android apps in your pocket, you can easily divide the tab, request payments, and skip the math and awkward conversations.

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1. Venmo

Owned by PayPal, free app Venmo (Android, iOS) is the easiest encrypted way to pay friends, family, housemates, etc. or even make online purchases or pay for Uber rides. To start a Venmo account on iPhone and Android, just download the app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. Then link your bank account or debit card or credit card, and then start spending and receiving money without a transaction fee (if you use your bank account or debit card) in the peer-to-peer payment app. Once you receive payment, you can keep the balance in Venmo for future payments or send it to your bank account.

What's more, you can also split purchases on Venmo, share your new purchases with a select group or the entire world and see what your friends have been spending their money on lately in the feed.

Splitting a purchase is easy. After you make one, you'll be given the choice to divvy up or share your payment. Users can also split or share payments by choosing Purchases from the hamburger menu.


2. Splitwise

Free app Splitwise (Android, iOS) is great for splitting household bills and settling debts with roommates. Go to the Apartment or House tab, create a group, and add members from your contacts. Then add bills -- you can use 3D Touch to add bills directly from your home screen. Your roommates can then log in on their phones, see what's owed, and pay on the Settle Up tab via PayPal or Venmo.

To remind a friend to pay up, tap the Friends icon on the bottom rail, your friend's name, and Send Reminder. A default note is already typed out for you, or you can add your own. Just hit Send.

Splitwise has Trip and Other tabs if you want to split other bills, plus a separate Plates by Splitwise (iOS) app for dividing restaurant checks. Plates by Splitwise makes splitting the check easy as pie.


3. Tab

With Tab (Android, iOS), you don't have to collect credit cards or worry about someone shorting the tip at your next group dinner when it's time for splitting the check. Snap a photo of the itemized bill and select what's yours. Then give your friends the share code at the top of the page, so that they can join the bill from their own phones and choose their desired tip amount. The app will automatically calculate each person's total with tax and tip. But your friends cannot pay directly in the app, so you'll have to receive payments through Venmo or another method. If you're treating someone for their birthday, tap the crown symbol up top, so everyone else can cover their part of the bill.


4. Splid

Easy-to-use app Splid (Android, iOS) helps you square utility bills or any bills away easily, no matter how many payees are involved or whether each person is paying equally or not. Just create a group, enter your expenses, and Splid calculates who owes what to whom. Splid can even convert up to 150 different currencies to dollars.


5. Splittr

Next time you travel, create an activity on Splittr (iOS). Add a name, such as "Trip to London," then select the base currency for the country you're going to (if you're traveling internationally), and add your travel companions. Tap your event to add expenses, noting who paid and who benefited. When the journey's over, you can generate and email a report detailing how much each person owes. There is, however, no in-app payment method in the Splittr app, so you'll have to pay using an alternate service.


6. Trip Splitter

Easily create a trip and add an unlimited amount of companions in Trip Splitter (iOS). To split a bill, launch the app, input the costs, and the IOU's are calculated and maintained for you. When you're ready to divvy up the expenses, simply request the Totals View to see totals by categories or persons and the simplest number of payments for everyone to be squared away (or you can create uneven splits), no matter how many different currencies are used.


7. Settle Up

Available in 17 languages, the stylish and intuitive Settle Up (Android, iOS) app helps friends, roommates, or co-workers easily share expenses by keeping a running tab of who owes what to whom, whether people are splitting costs evenly or unevenly and no matter the currency. Settle Up will also create the lowest number of required transactions to settle group debts in order to make things easier.


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