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No need to wait for spring to unload all that stuff you've been hoarding. First off, there are all those awful birthday or wedding gifts sitting in your closet that you've been meaning to regift but don't have anyone abhorrent enough to pass them off to yet. Then there's your collection of books that you've been "meaning to read." What about all those old CDs and DVDs stacked in the corner just waiting to be played even though you haven't had anything to play them on in ages? How about those old gadgets, like the Polaroid camera, clamshell phone, or first-generation video game console that have just been gathering dust in your cabinets? There's also that vegetable spiralizer from that month that you went low-carb taking up precious counter space in your kitchen. And let's not forget that old sofa or dining room table that you've been storing in the garage for years along with that car you haven't driven in a decade since deciding to leave less of an ecological footprint.

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People hang on to things longer than they should for a variety of reasons. Maybe you feel sentimental about your first lamp. Perhaps you think you (or a friend or family member) will use an item again someday, like that tennis racket when your tennis elbow finally heals. Maybe you're afraid of letting go of something that might be worth something someday like that 2008 Summer Olympic Games mug set. Or could it be that it's connected to a previous identity that you're more afraid to part with than that electric guitar you haven't picked up since your alt-rock band broke up in 1999?

But the longer you hold on to these items, the longer you're holding off from experiencing all the extra physical, mental, and emotional space that come from living in a clean, organized, and decluttered home. You're also missing out the quick cash you can earn from easily selling these items on the following apps.

LetGo (Android, iOS)

Make 2018 the year you finally get rid of all that unwanted stuff you have cluttering up your space and live that minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle. Not sure how? Forget time-consuming estate sales and nerve-inducing Craigslist ads for decluttering. LetGo can help you sell your old Motorola StarTAC cellular phone, Feel The Bern campaign T-shirt, Nintendo 64, orange bean bag chair, and much more. Just take a photo of your old book, unwanted clothes, or any other possessions -- and let go! The app's advanced AI will aid in auto-filling your listing, and you can vet local users by ratings and reviews and a quick in-app chat before agreeing to meet them.


OfferUp (Android, iOS)

OfferUp is about selling locally. For your safety, buyers must sign up for an account via email or Facebook and get only your general location. To list an item, tap the camera button, and take up to five photos of your item, categorize and describe it, and move the slider to match its condition from For Parts to New. Then set your price and toggle Yes or No for the "Firm on price?" question. Then sit back and wait for the offers from verified buyers to pour in via secure messages within the app.


Wallapop (Android, iOS)

Are you having buyer's remorse over a purchase you made that you can no longer return? Then put it on Wallapop, a virtual flea market that allows you to sell your stuff -- vehicles, electronics, children's toys, sports equipment, video games, DVDs, and more. To list your item, simply take a photo and post it to Wallapop. Then people in your area will be able to see it along with a general idea of where you live, arrange a meeting with you, and hopefully purchase it.


VarageSale (Android, iOS)

Forget the stresses and hassles of garage sales, yard sales, sidewalk sales, tag sales, and estate sales when VarageSale lets you sell your furniture, appliances, gadgets, baby toys, and more in the app for free. Just take a picture and list it quickly. VarageSale is a secure app, which verifies users' identity before they're able to buy and sell in the app. You'll also see member ratings and average response times to get comfortable with buyers before selling to them. You can message and schedule meetings within the app, so you don't have to give out your confidential info to buyers.


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5miles (Android, iOS)

Free app 5miles uses your GPS location to reach prospective customers in your area who are searching for clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. To list an item, tap List, add up to two photos, a title, text or voice description, price, category, and any additional info, and publish. While most selling apps use Facebook verification or email and phone number verification, 5miles goes the extra distance, asking users to verify at least two out of three to make sure that they're legit. To protect your privacy, rated and reviewed buyers can only send you questions and offers via the in-app messaging system, and your exact location is never given out.


Chairish Buy & Sell Home Decor (iOS)

If you have any vintage furniture -- a Mid-Century Modern table, a Boho Chic swivel chair, or a Hollywood Regency dresser, for example -- that you just have no room for or that doesn't match your current decor, don't put it in the garage or a storage locker for posterity. Put it on Chairish for free. To post an item, take a picture, write a description, and choose a price. Then track your listings and respond to offers on your mobile device on the go.


Listia (Android, iOS)

Why give things away for free on Craigslist when you can earn cash for them on Listia?

Listia helps you sell any of your unused items -- from DVDs to game consoles to toys, and more -- for free. To list on Listia, just photograph your item, add some details, and post it. You can also give things away in exchange for credits to purchase stuff from other users. But hey, you're trying to downsize, right?


Nextdoor (Android, iOS)

Nextdoor, the free and secure social network for your neighborhood, where you already learn what's happening in your area, find trustworthy house sitters, dog walkers, and painters, and report local crimes, is also the place to sell your old bike, microwave, toolkit, laptop, camping equipment, or anything else you can think of -- without any listing fees.


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