You're no longer a Fortnite noob and you've gotten to the point where you're using companion apps to search for treasure chests or to randomly determine drop locations, but you're ready to take the use of apps to the next level. Fortunately, a handful of great apps can break down the data for you in detail and also help you show the world your Fortnite prowess.

How do companion apps work?

Companion apps you find on the app store don't actually work "inside" the game but, rather, operate as stand-alone apps that give you access to information that can be super useful when playing Fortnite from Epic Games on your mobile device. Looking at a companion app while you're playing the game requires you to switch between the companion app and Fortnite, which can be risky business since your character in Fortnite becomes a sitting duck while you're off checking out the companion app. Indeed, with the exception of live-streaming, you'll mostly use apps in between games to track your progress against others.

Advanced companion app features

Companion apps generally all offer a similar collection of features, but how you use them is really the key. Once you've become accustomed to playing Fortnite on mobile devices and you have a solid grip on surviving through the first minute after the drop and loading up on weapons and materials, you can start to develop your own strategies and look at the nuances of the Fortnite.

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Probably the two most valuable aspects of Fortnite to delve into are weapon comparisons and locations of chests, ammo boxes, and vending machines. However, how you use this information is as individual as each player in the game, which is what makes having the information from companion apps so alluring -- different folks do different things with the same information.

Stats and weapons

Hardcore Fortnite gamers know the details on all of the weapons and extras in the game. Getting that information in an easy to understand format is where apps excel -- being able to statistically compare one weapon to another head-to-head is an important feature that can give you the edge you need when all other factors are equal. There are many apps that give stats on weapons, but a couple stand out when it comes to comparisons so you can eke out every bit of advantage for each in-game situation.

Where to find chests, vending machines, ammo boxes

Knowing the whereabouts of chests, vending machines, and ammo boxes as second nature is a big advantage. Using apps to find these and memorize their general locations for the current season can provide an edge to propel you toward victory.

Streaming to services such as Mobcrush, YouTube, and Twitch

Do you watch streams? Or do you want to stream your gameplay directly to servers where others can watch your prowess (or lack thereof) when gaming?

Why do people want to stream, and more important, why do people want to watch other's streamed gameplay? That's a question for the philosophers, but what I can tell you is that people do enjoy watching streamed gameplay, especially from good (and sometimes from atrociously bad) players. It can also be beneficial to watch other (good) players shredding through Fortnite so you can learn to adopt some of their tactics.

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There is, however, another aspect to streaming gameplay -- proof that you're not cheating. Humans tend to always look for an edge to win, and for some folks that involves cheating. When a game is streamed live you can show that you really are that good and, indeed, you are not cheating. Fortunately for both Android and IOS users, the technology now exists to stream directly from your phone or tablet as you play Fortnite. The most popular streaming service (by far) is Twitch, which is where everyone who is anyone streams. Still, there is a long list of other locations one can stream to, including Mobcrush, Facebook, YouTube, MLG, and Smashcast.

The Best advanced companion apps for Fortnite

There are plenty of apps out there, and as mentioned before they generally all give you access to similar information, but there are a few that stand out and deserve to be recognized as the best advanced apps available for mobile gaming with Fortnite.

Companion for Fortnite

The unofficial Companion for Fortnite app (iOS and Android) gives access to loads of Fortnite information, including tips and tricks. While it has quickly become the go-to app for all things Fortnite, for advanced users its Weapon Comparison portion is excellent and vitally important to squeezing out every last drop of advantage there is to be had. The list of features includes:

  • HD map of Battle Royale.
  • Weapons stats and comparisons.
  • Detailed descriptions of in-game items including traps.
  • Tips and updated information and Fortnite news.
  • A list of what's currently for sale in the Battle Royale store.
  • Battle Pass tracker that gives all Battle Pass challenges.
  • Details on all the hero classes and subclasses -- including their abilities.
  • Playing tips for building and limited time modes, and more.
Companion for Fortnite has excellent weapon comparison abilities.

Caption - Companion for Fortnite has excellent weapon comparison abilities.

Stats Tracker Companion

Another unofficial app, Stats Tracker Companioni (iOS) offers a host of information that's important to those playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Stats Tracker Companion has an excellent map of the current season that shows vending machine, ammo box, and chest locations. The list of features in Stats includes:

  • Stats tracker.
  • Fully animated dance emotes.
  • Spin the wheel for weapons and drop locations.
  • Detailed breakdown of cosmetics to purchase.
  • Weapons information.
  • Weapons comparison mode.
  • Map of ammo boxes, treasure chests, and vending machines.
  • Challenge location map.
  • List of all challenges broken out by season week.
Stats Tracker Companion shows vending machine, ammo box, and chest locations for the current season.


If you are playing on an iPad or iPhone and want to stream, then Mobcrush (iOS and Android) is currently the only app that allows you to do this. Fortunately, you can use Mobcrush to stream not just to Mobcrush's servers but also to Twitch, which is arguably the world's most popular online gaming stream service. In fact, Mobcrush allows you to stream anywhere you want pretty much, and as an added bonus the app includes a step-by-step guide to getting streaming up and running in a jiffy. What makes this possible is the addition of the screen recording feature added to IOS 11. The features in Mobcrush include:

  • Stream live gameplay to Mobcrush's servers.
  • Stream live gameplay to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • Built-in tutorial on how to start streaming to the location of your choice.
Mobcrush is the only app that currently allows you to stream from IOS to Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube (and of course, to Mobcrush).


Twitch(iOS and Android ) is the gold standard for game streaming, and even if you choose not to stream to Twitch, having the app on your phone or tablet is valuable because you can watch other players to learn tactics and strategies to augment your own gaming style. Usually watching good players is the best way to go, but watching poor players can occasionally reveal a nugget of wisdom you might have otherwise missed. And

  • Stream from IOS (with Mobcrush) or Android.
  • Watch other players from around the world to study their strategies and tactics.
Watching a player burn through Fortnite while streaming on Twitch.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming (Android and iOS) is an app that is dedicated to online gaming streamers. It allows both IOS and Android users to watch streams of a multitude of Fortnite players of all skill levels. It's an excellent source of video feeds to help you learn from the experts in real time.

  • Stream to YouTube gaming.
  • Watch others who stream to YouTube Gaming.
  • The ability to limit scope of material to only Fortnite.
YouTube Gaming is a great source for Fortnite streaming, news, and information.

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