Zapier, an app integration platform that helps people sync information between their favorite apps, looked at its own data and did an in depth study of the apps gaining the most traction among its user base.

"From the 1,000+ apps that work with Zapier, our app automation platform, we can spot the 'rising stars' or up-and-coming apps that are or will be core parts of the most productive teams' workflows," wrote Zapier Senior Editor Matthew Guay in its report.

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"Some are new -- apps that came out over the past year and quickly made an impact. Some are brilliant redesigns of apps that made them even more popular. Others are older apps that have finally added the advanced features and integrations to make them crucial parts of business workflows."

Zapier pored over it numbers to uncover which apps on its platform had the highest number of users as well as the highest growth in users.

Chat apps

At the top of the list is team chat app Discord. The app built on its popularity with gamers to gain a share of the workplace communication pie, featuring easy-to-use chat screens that allow for quick switches between chats and on-demand voice chat.

Chat apps were generally the fastest risers on the list and have dominated rankings in previous years. The popularization of apps like Slack have pushed other major tech giants to get in the game, and Guay wrote that, "Microsoft has Teams. Google this year launched Hangouts Team Chat. Atlassian's replaced HipChat with its new Stride. Todoist launched a chat app, Twist. Even Apple's joining in, with group video calls in FaceTime."

"Expect to see more direct competition in the team chat space, with the software giants trying to build their chat apps' popularity," he added.

Task apps to sales tools

Next on Zapier's list is Things, a to-do list app that is on its third redesign. The app is popular in iOS app stores but saw a jump in users this year with the addition of new email features and a more project-oriented layout.

Two of the biggest apps with Zapier's users deal with website landing pages. Leadpages, which allows users to easily build customized websites, was next on the list. But Landbot was not far behind, taking an interesting angle on the landing page idea. Its app lets you build websites without menus links. Website visitors are asked a series of questions that lead to specific pages, and the websites are easily tailored for those seeking a more interactive website experience.

eCommerce was a big winner on the list as well, with both sales app Square and marketing app Klaviyo gaining users in 2018. Both apps help streamline services for businesses, with Square revolutionizing the point-of-sale experience through its simplified hardware and Klaviyo streamlining a business's email and social marketing needs.

Rounding out the list are Salesflare, a customer relations tool for a sales team; document and spreadsheet app Coda; project management app ClickUp; and Ghost, a Kickstarter-backed CMS that Zapier called a "more customizable version of Medium."

Most of the apps on the list are not new to the market but have capitalized on a trend from app makers that shuns the old maxim of focusing on one task for a wider, more generalized approach. Guay said apps are now coming equipped with tools that used to be spread out over multiple applications.

"The older apps are adding features to compete -- every email app now seems to include form tools, landing page builders, and drip email automations, for example. Expect to see more unique pairings of feature sets that formerly required multiple apps," he wrote.

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  1. Work chat apps like Discord and Slack are among the most popular apps on the market, according Zapier.
  2. Apps that handle webpage management are also gaining traction as more people start and expand online businesses.

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