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Book lovers don't mess around. You'll forget to sleep while muttering "one more chapter." You'll mercilessly critique the movie adaptation of the last novel you read. If a character in your book dies, you'll be wearing black for the rest of the week. Letting you go into any bookstore is a fiscal risk.

It's a wonderful life, but sometimes that 700-pager can't go with you everywhere. Luckily, your smartphone generally never leaves your side. Check out these apps designed for people who wish "book smell" was a perfume.

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1. Goodreads (iOS, Android, Windows)

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The Goodreads app is a must-have in every reader's arsenal. If you find a book in a store or a library that looks amazing, the app has a scanner that logs the book for you. Users can organize their books into "want to read" or "have read" categories.

Goodreads also connects readers to a community. As you read a book, you can write a quick review. Just be sure to note if there's a spoiler!

The app also offers some free ebooks for download if you're in a pinch. Based on your tastes, Goodreads will generate recommendations. Readers can even set challenges for themselves, like reading a certain number of books in a year.

2. Litsy (iOS, Android)

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Litsy is like Instagram for literature, but not just mindless photo-posting. Litsy creates a book community where users can share photos of the books they're reading and discover what to read next.

Users can also follow some of their favorite publishers and keep up with the latest news.

Litsy also keeps track of how many books you've read and breaks it down into pages for extra bragging rights.

3. We Read Too (iOS, Android)

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Identifying with the character in the story you're reading is important. What's even more important is representation and diversity in literature. The We Read Too app features exclusively books with main characters of color.

Users can download the app and browse hundreds of stories categorized by picture book, chapter book, middle grades, and young adults. We Read Too gives a quick summary of the story.

The app serves more as a directory and will redirect you to Amazon to purchase the book if they want. If you don't see a book that you think should be in the app, you can suggest it be added. Moderators will take a look before approving it.

4. Audiobooks from Audible (iOS, Android, Windows)

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Odds are, if you listen to podcasts or don't live under a rock, you've heard of Audible. The app works across platforms and gives users access to a plethora of audiobooks.

If you're like me, and drive a lot, audiobooks are your best friend when you're dying to know what happens next in that novel. There's no shame in listening to a book.

Audible's books are also narrated by celebrities sometimes. The app has a timer if you like to fall asleep reading and you can also set the reading speed. Audiobooks can be downloaded and listened to offline, as well.

The app is free to download, you get a 30-day free trial, and a credit to get your first book. After that, the subscription is $14.95 a month for one credit a month or $22.95 for two credits per month.

5. Overdrive (iOS, Android)

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If you're not a fan of Audible's price tag, Overdrive might be your solution. This app brings the library on your smartphone. All you need is a card with a participating library. You can pick between audiobooks or ebooks. You can even rent movies.

Overdrive lets you place holds on books, bookmark pages, create wish lists, and return books hassle-free.The best part is, there are no late fees. When your rented book expires, it just isn't in your app anymore.

6. Poetry (iOS, Android)

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The Poetry app is the Poetry Foundation's universal smartphone app. Think of it as a giant database of all your favorite poems-- old and new-- that fits into your pocket.

The Poetry app is designed to make finding the perfect poem as easy as possible. If you can't quite remember the title, but you remember a particular line-- the app can search it. The app sorts poems based on moods and topics like nature, youth, celebrations, etc.

You can save your favorites to read or share later.

7. To Read (iOS, Android)

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Operating like Goodreads without the frills, the To Read app lets you keep track of your books. Search for the book you want, read a little description, and add it to a list.

You can use the scanner to add books you want to read, and categorize other books on whether you've read them, reading them now, or plan to. You can also make custom folders for extra organization. Custom books can be added too.

When you're done, check off that you're finished. Sometimes less is more.


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