Though the Big Five browsers duke it out to see which one can come up with the best mix of speed, compatibility, and add-ons, social networking bruisers Flock 3 and RockMelt beta have taken off the kid gloves to beat each other senseless over Twitter and Facebook integration. We pit the two minor leaguers against one another in a head-to-head blog with plenty of video goodness to keep you interested.

In other news, iTunes 10.1 is out now, and with it comes AirPlay, the new feature that will allow videos to be streamed to an Apple TV. Apple introduced the feature at its digital music and content event in September. AirPlay is also supposed to allow streaming of audio and video from any iOS device, though that feature isn't available yet.

On the utility side of the software tracks, we reviewed two useful apps for home and business users. First up is Skype 5.0, the popular and pre-eminent VoIP service that recently added videoconferencing. We also took a closer look at Camtasia 7.1, a screencasting program that offers plenty of new and useful features without making the interface any more complex.