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If you've ever wondered if you're the one in your friend group who is singing off-key, Harvard University's department of psychology might be able to tell you.

Researchers at the university have opened a new lab to study the science of music. The citizen science platform lets the general public take several music quizzes to contribute to research.

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Are you tone deaf?

The Tone-deafness Test takes about five minutes to complete and tests your perception of pitch.

You'll answer a few questions about yourself before hearing a series of tones. You'll have to quickly determine where the pitch is going up or down. Most of the tones are easy, but some sound exactly the same.

World Music Quiz

In this test, you'll listen to some international songs and try to determine what they are used for. The options include dancing, healing the sick, soothing a baby or expressing love. You'll also be asked if you liked the song.

After you make the guess, the lab will tell you a bit more about the song's country of origin, its people, its influences and where you can find the track.

Who's listening?

In this quiz, you'll listen to recordings from people around the world. Sometimes they'll be singing, sometimes they'll be speaking. You must guess who might be listening: a baby or an adult?

It can be a bit challenging because you'll hear different languages. Sometimes you can pick out if it's an adult talking to a child because of the sing-song approach adults take when communicating with infants or toddlers.

The Synthesizer Game

This game will play world music, but the performance has been changed. The songs have been recorded on computer-based, synthesized instruments.

For example, you might hear a few seconds of piano and then you'll be asked if you think the song is for dancing, healing illness or praising a person's achievements. After you guess, you can listen to the original recording against the synthesized one.

You'll also get to learn more about the culture and what the song is for like in the World Music Quiz.

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