Apple's native apps are making the most of 3D Touch, the multitouch functionality recently introduced to iOS 9 on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. 3D Touch enables Quick Actions from your home screen, as well as Peeks (previews) and Pops (more immersive experiences) inside apps. These let you perform useful functions in fewer steps, such as adding events to Calendar, searching Photos, and creating an alarm in your Clock app. Third-party apps are also capitalizing on 3D Touch -- here are nine of our favorites.



Firmly press Instagram from the home screen, and you'll see a shortcut menu from which you can direct-message other users; search people, tags, and places; view your recent activity; or post a new photo. Within Instagram, firmly press on a photo or an account profile for a quick preview.



From the home screen, use Quick Actions like Take Photo, Take Selfie, Take Macro (for extreme close-up shots), and View Lightbox (to view your stored photos).



Firmly press the Citymapper icon and you'll see a pop-up menu featuring functions like Share My Location on WhatsApp, so your friends can find you; Nearby Stops, which lists departure info for nearby public transportation; Get Me Somewhere, with directions to a specific location from your current one; and Get Me Home.



From home screen Quick Actions, you can start a New Chat, Take Sight Video (which shows friends what you currently see), open My QR Code (which enables others to add you on WeChat by scanning), or Mute for 1 Hour to stop all alerts.



Deep-press the Dropbox icon from the home screen, and you'll see a pop-up menu that includes Recently Added for your latest files, Offline Files for the files you've saved locally, Upload Photo, and Search for chronological searches. Inside the app, Peek into previews of folders or files.



Press and hold the Pinterest icon from your home screen to search Pins by categories, create a board, or discover what's trending on Pinterest. Within Pinterest, firmly press a photo to favorite it, send it, or repin it. Firmly press a board name for a board preview.



Firmly press the Shazam app icon as a shortcut to Shazam Now, which recognizes the music playing around you, and Visual Shazam, which captures interactive content and offers from posters, packaged goods, and print media that feature the Shazam camera logo or a QR Code.



From the home screen, you have Quick Actions like New Note, Take Photo, and Set Reminder. Inside the app, Peek into linked websites by pressing lightly or popping into them with a harder press. From the Evernote home screen, Peek into note links in a chat or Web links in a note.



You can 3D Touch the app icon to instantly access your favorite restaurants and upcoming reservations. Inside the app, Peek into restaurants in search results to get quick info and book in one tap.

Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for and covers iOS.