Upgrading to iOS 9 has many perks, and one of them is getting to use your favorite apps in delightful new ways. We've rounded up 27 apps that are taking advantage of iOS 9's Spotlight search, multitasking, ReplayKit, and other new features.

Spotlight search

With Spotlight search you can find Web content, contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Drag down the search field from the top of your home screen, or drag right to pull up the search field, and then type or speak your query.


Pocket: Access saved articles from Pocket without opening the app.

Flipboard: Catch up on the latest news by searching Spotlight for your favorite magazines, stories, and topics.

Yelp: Searching for the best Mongolian hot pot in your city? Pull up Yelp recommendations directly from Spotlight.

BuzzFeed: Search for BuzzFeed articles in Spotlight, and through the power of Handoff, you can start reading one on your phone, then switch to your iPad or MacBook and pick up where you left off.

Houzz: Search for design ideas, home professionals, and products for sale in Spotlight, and Houzz will come through with results for you.

Whole Foods: Need an idea for dinner? Access the extensive Whole Foods recipe catalog directly from Spotlight.

Multitasking for iPad

iOS 9 includes a few enhancements to take advantage of the iPad's bigger screen and to help you multitask. Slide Over enables you to swipe between apps. Split View permits two apps to be open and active on the same screen. Picture in Picture lets you watch a video on a small screen while you're working in another app.


Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote): Activate Split View and run any of the Office 365 apps -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote -- side by side and easily transfer info from one app to another, take notes, and more. With Handoff, you'll be able to switch devices and finish where you left off.

Hulu: Making use of the Picture in Picture feature, Hulu enables you to play your favorite TV show or movie while you work.

iMovie: Through the power of Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, you can now easily sweep iMovie aside to send a text; have it sitting side by side with, say, an instruction manual for quick reference; or even edit two movies at the same time.

The Night Sky: The Night Sky app is a valuable source of information about the constellations. But with iOS 9's new multitasking features on the iPad, you can now pull up other apps or webpages at the same time for even more info on these luminous spheres of plasma.


Gamers love recording and sharing their gameplay to preserve a permanent record, show off tips and tricks, or just give users a taste of a new game. With ReplayKit for iOS 9, developers can add recording functionality to an app so that players can record and share without leaving their favorite game. Read on for a list of mobile games that enable Replay.


Air Wings

Call of Champions

Dawn of Steel

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

Land Sliders

Hungry Babies Mania


Gang Nations

The Biking Dead: Survival Course Simulator

Village Life: Love, Marriage and Babies

Duet Game

Quick Reply


Twitter: Twitter's latest update enables you to reply to mentions from your homepage, via push notification quick replies.



Apple Maps: Apple's native mapping app now includes public transit information. With the Nearby feature, you'll learn where to grab a good cup of cold-brewed coffee to make that 30-minute wait for the next bus far less painful.

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