You have so many options for sharing photos with friends and family: social media, cloud services, photo sites, email, messaging apps. But you can make sharing even simpler. Give one these five apps access to your photos, and they'll share with your friends -- with a tap, with a swipe, or automatically.

Moments (iOS, Android)


Facebook's Moments app groups your photos based on who's in them and when and where the photos were shot. Then the app gives you the option to share those photos with the people in them. If Moments doesn't recognize the person, you can direct the app where to send the photo and can add a title. Your recipients can add their own photos, too. Or create a Moment manually: set one up around an event, and then you and your friends can contribute to it. If any friends aren't on Moments, send them a link to the photos, and they can view images in their desktop or mobile browser.

Camera Club (iOS)


With Camera Club, name a group camera and invite others to join. Then each time you take a photo, it's automatically shared to your group. Create several group cameras around trips, parties, or baby photos, so only those who need to see those photos will see them.

Knoto (iOS)


Knoto connects to Facebook and uses facial recognition to organize your photos by friend. If you've enabled Autosend, Knoto sends your friends' photos to them automatically. Or disable Autosend and share photos as you see fit. If your friends have not enabled Autosend, you'll get a notification that they have new photos of you, and you can just ask for them. Your friends don't need to be on Knoto for you to share photos with them via a link. Bonus: Knoto photos are not automatically downloaded to your phone, so they don't take up any precious space.

Ebblink (iOS)


When you share a photo via Ebblink, the image is encrypted and given a link, which you can make available to whoever you like for as long as you'd like. The photo is not downloadable, so it stays on Ebblink's servers, and you can unshare it whenever you choose.

Snapchat (iOS, Android)


Snapchat is another option for sending a bunch of photos to a friend or family member. Select your contact, tap the photo button below the message, select up to 10 messages, and hit the send button. Unfortunately, if you want to enhance your photo with an emoticon, a doodle, or a filter, then you can only send one photo at a time.

Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for and covers iOS.