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Those of you who use the Apple Store app to look for Apple products and other items have a new and potentially more effective way to search.

"Search has been updated with an enhanced design," Apple said in its description of the app. "And it's now powered with speech recognition technology for better search results. With a fresh look and the addition of speech recognition technology, it's never been easier to find products, stores, sessions, and more."

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With the newest update to version 5.1, the Apple Store app now incorporates speech recognition. Instead of trying to type your searches, you can simply tell the app what you want. Using Apple's mobile shopping app, you can not only seek out products but also nearby stores, workshops and sessions, gift cards, order status, and upgrade information.

The Apple Store app provides a convenient way to find and shop for Apple products and other items via your mobile device. But since Apple offers so many different items and services, knowing what to type in a search can be difficult. Using natural language to search by voice can sometimes zero in on the right item quicker.

Beyond adding speech recognition, the app also sports a new design for search results. The results appear in a card-based layout that lets you browse the various items more easily. For product searches, the app now offers a top recommended item and an easy option for adding it to your shopping cart.

To use the new feature, open the app and tap on the Search icon. Apple suggests several search phrases, such as "Stores near me," "Cases compatible with this device," "Sessions near me," "iPhone upgrade information," "My order status," and "Gift cards."

You can try out any of these phrases or cook up your own voice searches. As long as the app understands your query, it should pull up the relevant results.

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  1. The Apple Store app enhances user experience with a new speech recognition feature.
  2. The search results now appear in a card-based layout for easier browsing.

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