It seems like only yesterday that the iTunes App Store hit its 25 billionth download...actually it was only last year. It's incredible that the online marketplace (currently at over 49.2 billion downloads) will soon be doubling that number. To mark the momentous occasion, Apple is holding a contest that app addicts will surely appreciate. Feeling lucky? Then download on.

Just think of all the new apps you can buy. (Credit: Screenshot: Josh Rotter)

If you happen to download the 50 billionth app, you will win a $10,000 App Store gift card. Though the odds seem stacked against you, don't despair, as the first 50 users after the 50 billionth to download an app will each receive a $500 App Store gift card. The contest is open to users 13 and older, and no purchase is necessary. More official rules are listed on the iTunes App Store site.

Whether you are going to download the number one paid app of all time -- Angry Birds -- or the 23rd most popular freebie app -- Pac-Man Lite -- your next iTunes app selection may be a true game changer.

Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for and covers iOS.