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We generally try to put our best selves on social media. We like filtered photos, flattering angles, exotic destinations, pictures of food -- and exclude the messiness of reality.

The Minutiae app (iOS) calls itself an "anti-social media" app. Instead of cultivating specific moments for followers, the app wants you to take a closer look at the moments in between.

Over 1,440 days, or almost four years, Minutiae users will get a daily prompt to take a photo of whatever is near them. You'll get 60 seconds to take a photo and over four years you'll have taken a photo for every minute of the day.

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"Because our brains are designed to remember unique and novel events -- a bias that is mirrored in social media -- so we tend to forget the repetitive daily routine that accounts for the majority of our lives," the website said. "However, these moments are your life, and therefore worthy of being remembered."

If there's time left over in the minute, you can scroll through your old photos or an anonymous user you've matched with for the day.

"Social media was supposed to keep us in touch with our friends but has instead turned us all into unwitting monkeys filling out the world's longest consumer survey," Minutiae said on its site. "Facebook doesn't want your money. It wants your time. Minutiae is a response to our current moment: an anonymous anti-social media app that forces its users to document the in-between moments of life."

At the end of the 1,440 days, Minutiae will send you a download of the archive to print or keep.

"We are also hoping to offer the option of automatically printing all of your images in a two-volume book via a print-on-demand merchant, but this is not guaranteed," Martin Adolfsson, Swedish photographer and co-developer of the app told "Based on current pricing this would potentially be in the ballpark of $200."

Adolfsson recognized that the price is high, but it's two 1,440-page books in color.

Users can also purchase a limited edition hardcover book of their photo project for $1,440 (one dollar per day). Minutiae only makes 100 books, so it's first come, first served.

"The books are printed by us, and then hand bound by the last (literally) bookbinder on New York's lower east side," Adolfsson said.

Adolfsson said Minutiae is beta-testing an Android version that should be ready by spring 2019.

Minutiae's premise is unique in that it captures the random moments outside of what we stage for social media. It strips social media down to bare-bones photography. The app focuses on forgettable or unnoticed moments.

The only downside is the cost. A subscription is $15 per month, which covers storage costs of your photos. Minutiae goes into more detail why prices are higher on the website.

Users who want to complete a similar project for cheap might just set random alarms on their smartphone and take a photo every day. Of course, the 60-second time restriction and not looking at the photos would have to be self-imposed.

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  1. Over 1,440 days, or almost four years, the Minutiae app will send a daily prompt to take a photo of whatever is near you. You'll get 60 seconds to take a photo and look at other people's photos.
  2. Users get a download of their images at the end of the project. They can also purchase a book of their pictures.

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