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Unfortunately, spam is no longer isolated to our email. Spam not only floods our inboxes but calls us up and sends us text messages too.

Since releasing its filter for spam calls, Android is working on a way to block spam text messages.

The feature hasn't fully released yet, but some users have received a prompt when they opened the Messages app.

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If you get the prompt on your device, tap OK or tap Manage in Settings to further customize. The feature will live in the Messages app advanced settings. Users can tap Spam Protection and enable it from there.

It looks like the feature will work similarly to the call filter. If you get a text that looks like spam, you can report it to Google. Reports include a copy of the suspected spammer's message. Google will use the information to better detect spam in the future.

On its support page, Google assures that your privacy is still protected and any info from your messages won't include content or your phone number. If you're concerned about potential problems with privacy, you might want to turn the feature off in settings.

It's positive, though, that Google is expanding ways to keep spammers at bay -- especially for free. While you can find other third-party apps like RoboKiller that block spam, they are often most effective when but unlock premium features for a fee.

And even with the best anti-spam apps, calls can slip through. So having Google finally turn its attention to this problem can only help.

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  1. Google is rolling out a feature to block spam in text messages in the Android Message app.
  2. Google launched a spam call filter in August, and the text feature will work similarly.

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