Chrome for Android beta. (Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

Google has pushed out a new version of the Ice Cream Sandwich-only Chrome for Android beta today, with minor feature changes that will nevertheless make it more usable.

Along with broad multilanguage support, the browser now lets you reload a Web site in Desktop mode. The support for the desktop user agent means that the occasional site that looks funny on your phone or tablet can appear in its more familiar Chrome-for-desktop clothes.

You can also now add Chrome bookmarks as shortcuts on your Android Home screen, so you can launch directly into frequently visited sites. App support has improved, too, as links opened in Chrome that recognize a complementary app installed on your phone give you the option in most cases of jumping into the app. This can be useful on sites like Yelp.

On the more technical side, Chrome now properly interacts with the device Wi-Fi proxy, if you have one configured. Web developers ought to take note: this version of Chrome for Android also tweaks the user-agent specification, which is the code that tells a Web site which browser is being used to view it.