Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 is out, just eight days after the browser updated to version 3.5.4. For Windows, Mac, and Linux, the new version of the browser fixes three bugs: one critical bug across all platforms, and then one lower priority one for Windows and one lower priority one for Mac.

The critical bug addresses crashes in the GIF decoder that was not present in version 3.5.3, while the Windows bug fixes a security runtime issue and the Mac bug fixes an HTML parser error. Mozilla Evangelist Christopher Blizzard tweeted that although the critical bug wasn't security related, it was annoying to many users. The full changelog can be read here.

The stable build of Google Chrome has been updated from version to version This update introduces five stability improvements, including problems with how the browser managed content from Adobe Acrobat Reader, returning to Google Maps data via the Back button, and three others.

One of the security fixes addressed not warning users of some file types that could run JavaScript, such as SVG, XML, and MHT. The other one plugged a hole that could allow for memory corruption and subsequent malicious code execution through Google Gears. The full changelog can be read here.

The developer's build of Google Chrome for Mac was also updated earlier Thursday, introducing several user interface improvements. The Copy Image feature is now fixed, auto-updates are more transparent, and multiple keyboard problems have been fixed. The full changelog for this update is available here.