Adobe, this week, offered a glimpse of Project Rush, its upcoming all-in-one video editing app that will let you edit and share professional-quality video on the go.

The app, which is in beta, is designed to handle everything from video capture to sharing, and it will include a rich set of video editing tools for working with color, audio, and motion graphics, Adobe said. You can sign up here to join the Project Rush beta program and get a sneak preview of the software.

Adobe has desktop and iOS betas out now, with a beta for Android devices coming soon, the company said. And when it releases, Project Rush will be part of Adobe's Creative Cloud collection of subscription-based apps and services as well as available separately. Adobe said the final video editing program will ship later this year.

All-in-one video editing app

A mashup of Adobe's Premiere Pro video editing app, Audition audio-editing tool, and After Effects motion-graphic software, the Project Rush video editing app is designed to manage all the parts of your video creation process. The video app will let you capture and edit video on your phone, sync your work with Adobe cloud, and then keep working on your files with the desktop version of the app, with both the mobile and desktop versions of the apps sharing the same tools and features. Adobe said you will be able to work both online and off on videos.

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Project Rush's audio editing tools will let you handle multiple audio tracks and mix and trim tracks to fit your clips or entire video. The app will also use auto ducking to automatically detect dialog and reduce the volume of a music track when someone is speaking.

The video editing tools will let you work with motion graphics templates -- like those available in After Effects and Premiere Pro -- and you can tweak colors, fonts, layout, sound, and sizes to customize their look.

Share your videos

Project Rush lets you share through a variety of social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat, and Behance -- Adobe's own portfolio site. Adobe said it intends to ease creation of different versions of your video suitable for each social channel.

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  1. Adobe's new video editor is designed from the ground up to capture, edit, and share professional-quality video right from mobile devices.
  2. Project Rush offers users the same rich set of video editing tools across mobile and desktop versions of the tool, with your files synced to Adobe's cloud service.

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