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The latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC now offers a quick and easy way to import your images.

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Available for both the iPhone and iPad, Lightroom CC version 4.1.1 adds some much-needed support for Siri Shortcuts. By creating and running a shortcut, you can directly import one or more images into your Lightroom photo library for editing. You can also opt to apply a specific preset style automatically or choose a different preset each time you run the import.

The Adobe Lightroom CC iOS app offers a powerful playing field for editing images on your iPhone or iPad. But certain basic tasks, such as importing an image, are cumbersome. Apple's Shortcuts app rides to the rescue by letting you create an action through which you can run such a task in one fell swoop.

To set up a shortcut to import images into Lightroom, open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad. From the Library, tap the icon to Create Shortcut. From the list of actions, swipe to the section for Photos & Video and choose a specific action, such as Get Latest Bursts, Get Latest Photos, or Select Photos. Return to the Photos & Video section and select the option to Import to Lightroom. If you wish, you can now enable and choose a preset group and a preset to apply a specific style to each image you import. Alternatively, select the option to Ask When Run to pick a preset each time you run the import. Tap Done to save the shortcut.

To import images into Lightroom, trigger the shortcut by tapping it from the Shortcuts app, accessing it from the Widgets screen, or telling Siri to run the shortcut by name. The shortcut kicks off, pausing to let you select the images to import or the preset to apply if needed. After the shortcut has finished, open Lightroom CC and navigate to your photos library. You should then see all the images imported via the shortcut.

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  1. Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS now supports Siri Shortcuts.
  2. You can easily import images into Lightroom by creating and running a shortcut.

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