Dear Community,

Some press surfaced yesterday about how we're bundling advertising offers with an open source software called Nmap. The bundling of this software was a mistake on our part and we apologize to the user and developer communities for the unrest it caused. In addition to immediately taking Nmap out of the download manager, we reviewed all open source files in our catalog to ensure none are being bundled. It is a policy not to bundle open source software and we will continue to take pains to ensure this does not happen again.

Following on the heels of the Nmap post, there was much speculation about how protects user security. The security of our users is extremely important to us and we put all files through a rigorous scanning and compliance process before adding them to the catalog or to the download manager. Some files have been flagged after our initial screening; however, in each case, the flag was proven a false positive. In addition to our scanning, all third-party offers are clearly identified as such, and there is no requirement for the user to download and install the offer; rather, a user has the option to Accept or Decline. Further on the point of user engagement, we are removing the registration requirement to use the Direct Download Link on our site. This allows you, the user, to download the Installer without using the download manager.

Thank you for your patience as we address the issues stated above, and please continue to share feedback on the user experience.


Sean Murphy
Vice President & General Manager