Summer is music festival season. But with so many artists on the road, how do you know who is a must watch and who is a must skip? Check out our picks for the best music and festival discovery apps for summer.

Noon Pacific (iOS, Android)


A good mixtape gives you a sampling of the best under-the-radar tunes. Noon Pacific delivers a 10-song mixtape (minus the cassette) every Monday at noon PT.

MixRadio (iOS, Android)


In the past, you had to endure all the songs you disliked on the radio just to get to the ones you did like. MixRadio gives you control over your radio experience, learning your preferences the more that you listen and heart tracks, and then delivering those songs in handcrafted mixes.

Tradiio (iOS, Android)


Tradiio enables you to do more than listen to new artists; it lets you play a part in their success. Complete missions to earn virtual coins that you can then invest in your favorite new artists. Musicians who reach the Top 20 win exposure, studio time, festival bookings, and even label deals.

WeeSpin (iOS)


With WeeSpin, broadcast your favorite songs and artists to your social network. Just invite your friends to join your queue or jump in theirs. Suggest songs to friends or favorite theirs for later listening. (iOS)

bop-fm.jpg brings together all your music services -- Spotify, Rdio, Beats, SoundCloud, and YouTube -- for play in one place. Follow new artists and get notifications of new releases (leaks and remixes, too) and tour dates near you.

Popped (iOS, Android)


Popped provides an endless stream of EDM music from SoundCloud. Save and add favorite tracks to your playlists, and swipe away the tunes you don't like. Share awesome tracks with your social network and build a group playlist together.

Songkick Concerts (iOS, Android)


It's hard keeping up with the latest music, let alone tracking the live shows. Songkick Concerts creates a personalized concert calendar for you by scanning your iTunes music library, Spotify playlists, and more, and adding your favorite touring artists. Get alerts and suggestions for tour dates, see lineups for the hottest festivals, and buy tickets in the app.

Everfest (iOS, Android)


Everfest is the ultimate festival app. Obtain lineups and schedules, interactive festival maps, and a Find My Friends feature that enables you to connect you to your crew onsite.

Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for and covers iOS.