You prefer subtitles to big Hollywood titles, Japanese anime to American animation, and Gérard Depardieu to Gerard Butler. If you hunger for more international programming but don't want to rely on pricey cable add-ons or out-of-the-way art-house theaters, then check out our software picks for streaming the best foreign cinema and TV.

1. Netflix (iOS/Android)


Video-streaming giant Netflix boasts an extensive catalog of foreign shows and movies. Netflix sections off its library by region, but with an easy-to-configure VPN like Hola (Android), you can check out programming that might not be available in the US.

Price: $7.99/month

Support: Chromecast and Airplay

2. Hulu Plus (iOS/Android)

Hulu Plus

What Hulu lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality programming. Hulu Plus members can watch foreign gems like "Metastasis," the Spanish remake of "Breaking Bad." Hulu does not advertise its foreign content as well as its English-language programming (save for Latino shows) but does offer a broad range of indie movies from around the globe.

Price: $7.99/month

Support: Chromecast and Airplay

3. Amazon Instant Video (iOS/Android)

Amazon Instant Video

An Amazon Prime membership offers more than expedited shipping: Members also get access to Amazon Prime Instant Video. Although "free" titles are slim pickings, you can bolster your Watchlist with premium shows and movies for purchase or rent. There are more than 150,000 titles to rent or buy, making Amazon's collection of shows the largest by far.

Price: Depends on title; Prime membership $99/year

Support: Chromecast

4. Viki (iOS/Android)


Viki offers the best foreign dramas from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan for free. The app also has a complementary collection of anime titles and has recently been showcasing programming from the UK, Russia, and Venezuela.

Price: Free with ads, or Viki Pass Ads-Free and HD for $3.99/month (7-day trial)

Support: Chromecast

5. Crunchyroll (iOS/Android)


If you're a fan of Asian dramas and anime, then Crunchyroll is the app for you. With all the latest translated anime and dramas, Crunchyroll has tons of shows to watch. Free access limits you to certain titles, an Anime membership unlocks all things anime, and All-Access gets you everything Crunchyroll offers in HD, plus manga, minus ads.

Price: Free with ads; Anime for $6.95/month; All-Access for $11.95/month

Support: Chromecast

6. DramaFever (iOS, Android)


If you're not getting your fill of drama, check out DramaFever. It features the latest dramas from Asia and Latin America with professionally made subtitles for its series. The app also has a handful of movies on demand. The free version nets all of the content, while a premium membership unlocks Chromecast/Airplay functionality, as well as ad removal.

Price: Free with ads; Premium for $9.99/month

Support: Chromecast and Airplay

7. Fandor Movies (iOS, Android)

Fandor Movies

Specializing in independent films, Fandor also boasts documentaries, shorts, and foreign flicks. The service sorts films by duration, genre, and time period, with movies dating back to 1930. If you're a serious cinephile, there's plenty here you won't find anywhere else.

Price: 1 month for $9.99 (2-week trial)

Support: Chromecast

8. Deykho Bollywood (iOS, Android)

Deykho Bollywood

If you seek highly curated Bollywood content, look no further than Deykho. With the app you can watch the latest from the largest film producers in the world. Deykho also offers TV, variety shows, music videos, and news -- absolutely free.

Price: Free; Pro $3.99

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