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Scratch: Programming from the playpen, almost

When we want children to grasp structures and shapes, we let them play with Legos. When we want them to understand programming, we'll let them play with Scratch, the latest child-oriented program to poke its beak from MIT's prolific Media Lab.

Scratch is a free animation-development program for kids that converts the main elements of programming--like objects, actions, rules, and conditions--into simple blocks you can drag from the menu list and drop into the scripting area. Snap a few of... Read More »

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Which digital music software sounds the best?

Last week, I had an opportunity to sit down with the developers of MXPlay, beta jukebox software that lets you mash up your music with streaming movies, letting you create your own virtual music videos.

More interesting than the mashup features, however, is MXPlay's unique playback interface. A graphical interface lets you control the location of the listening audience and the position and direction of your speakers. Letting you tweak your own "room" does create better-sounding tunes. The MXPlay folks were... Read More »

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Dark Room isolates you and your text

Dark Room isolates you and your text

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.

There is a small mailbox here.

OK, not really, but the freeware Windows app Dark Room (based off the Mac OS X 10.4 software WriteRoom) looks a heck of a lot like the classic text-adventure game Zork.

The idea behind Dark Room and WriteRoom is simple: offer a distraction-free application for writing text. Both apps throw out the bells and whistles and provide... Read More »

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Kleptomania, a bumbling text 'thief'

At first glance, the recently updated and curiously named Kleptomania is the textual answer to SnagIt and other screen capture programs. Yet the more text I attempt to translate with this interpreter, the more it seems that Kleptomania has more of a compulsion to overstate its own abilities than "steal" text embedded in the screen.

Not that the attempt isn't worthy. I, too, have wished that a screen capture could isolate the text from the JPEG or BMP image as... Read More »

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'Momware' is here

Mother's Day alert! While not categorically perceived as die-hard techies, moms can be quick to pick up new tech tricks when it suits their interests. Check out this collection of mom-friendly downloads sure to make your mom forgive all of those forgotten Mother's Days of the past.

For cross-stitch crazy matriarchs, check out this handy stitch-pattern designer and creator. If your mom is of the green-thumbed variety, she'll love this garden planner. And for the budget-conscious, save money by giving... Read More »

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Power Downloader hides his traces

In his years battling spammers, hackers, and other ne'er-do-wells, Power Downloader has always been quick to capture important information on his digital camera. His pal Francois Foto has been invaluable in analyzing details from Power's snapshots to break big leads and gain an edge on criminals. Power and Francois usually exchange images and other files over a secure FTP connection, and pass notes via encrypted e-mail.

However, sometimes Power has to alter digital images in order to protect individuals or conceal... Read More »

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Yahoo 360's gone phishin'

A new phishing scam is circulating through Yahoo IM lists, sending emoticon-laden links to contacts on an infected account. Indeed, CNET's own Yahoo Messenger users have not been immune.

The link reads as a URL, but spoofs a Web page advertising Yahoo 360, a social-networking service.

Phishing schemes simulate legitimate Web sites to trap users into giving up their account information. With that information harvested, security fraudsters can sell your passcodes or exploit them directly by breaking into your bank or... Read More »

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IE7Pro beefs up Internet Explorer

IE7Pro beefs up Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox gets a lot of praise for the countless third-party extensions that add features like FTP, download management, and tab customization to the open-source browser. The most popular browser on the market, Internet Explorer, also has its fair share of add-ons, but nowhere near the number or quality of its competitor.... Read More »

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Apple: Get the LED out!

Apple: Get the LED out!

A lot of people I've talked to recently (both Mac and Windows users) have been talking about getting a Mac laptop. It's pretty evenly split between MacBooks and the more expensive MacBook Pros, with some of my friends looking for a portable computer to bring with them for common tasks, while others need that extra processing power for music recording and film editing. Whenever I've been asked about getting a new Apple laptop though, my answer more recently has been... Read More »

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Shout out your mobile screenshots with Ilium Screen Capture

SnagIt is great for taking screenshots of your PC, but why should stationary users have all the fun?

After all, handset screens may be smaller, but are they any less worthy of digital capture? If you're still using your digital camera to take said screenshots of your Windows Pocket PC or Smartphone, it's time you discovered Screen Capture, a free, friendly app you can load from your PC that takes stills of your mobile screen. Unlike other screenshot programs, you... Read More »

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