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Apple: Get the LED out!

Apple: Get the LED out!

A lot of people I've talked to recently (both Mac and Windows users) have been talking about getting a Mac laptop. It's pretty evenly split between MacBooks and the more expensive MacBook Pros, with some of my friends looking for a portable computer to bring with them for common tasks, while others need that extra processing power for music recording and film editing. Whenever I've been asked about getting a new Apple laptop though, my answer more recently has been... Read More »

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Shout out your mobile screenshots with Ilium Screen Capture

SnagIt is great for taking screenshots of your PC, but why should stationary users have all the fun?

After all, handset screens may be smaller, but are they any less worthy of digital capture? If you're still using your digital camera to take said screenshots of your Windows Pocket PC or Smartphone, it's time you discovered Screen Capture, a free, friendly app you can load from your PC that takes stills of your mobile screen. Unlike other screenshot programs, you... Read More »

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Microsoft plugs 19 security chinks

Microsoft plugs 19 security chinks

Microsoft's security update team issued new critical updates on Tuesday, addressing major holes that could allow an attacker full remote access if breached. The patches reinforce Microsoft Windows, including Internet Explorer 7; the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Office, and Excel; and Exchange 2007, the software giant's e-mail system.

CNET's Robert Vamosi has details on each of the seven critical updates, and CNET's Joris Evers discusses how the steady patch releases affect Microsoft's security message.

Microsoft just also issued a final... Read More »

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Mash up audio and video with MXPlay

Mash up audio and video with MXPlay

There are a number of great digital-music players already on CNET rules the roost because of its compatibility with iPods; MediaMonkey is fantastic for free music management and playlist creation; JetAudio Basic is packed with features for burning and broadcasting via JetCast; the classic free player Winamp now provides Internet TV and music videos; and Quintessential Player, my personal favorite player, is the perfect size for those who prefer a light system footprint.

A new digital-music player called MXPlay focuses... Read More »

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MiniTones: Make Treo sing your song

Practically everything is customizable in this digital age, and your phone's ringtone is no different. It's a personal statement of individuality with a practical backbone--you flaunt your musical tastes and differentiate your ring from the dozens of other phones sounding off around you. We like MiniTones for Palm OS, a recent addition to the CNET library, because it's small, free, and straightforward.

The 51K app runs on Palm OS 5 and higher--we installed it on the 64MB memory card of... Read More »

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Stealth Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a great, free tool for keeping in touch with your friends, but what if you only want a few of your contacts to know you're available to chat? Tom Merritt has your fix with a Quick Tip about Stealth Settings in Yahoo Messenger. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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Gaim evolves into Pidgin 2.0

Gaim evolves into Pidgin 2.0

The free instant-messaging client Gaim (GDK+ AOL Instant Messenger) has become popular in recent years because of its ability to connect with a wide range of IM networks (Yahoo, MSN, IRC, Jabber/Google Talk/XMPP, AIM, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, and others) and its extensibility in the form of user-created plug-ins.

The name Gaim came about due to complaints from AOL about the name GDK+ AOL Instant Messenger. However, as AOL Instant Messenger became more popular, AOL trademarked the acronym "AIM," leading to further legal... Read More »

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First-class file recovery

First-class file recovery

Recently, when Power Downloader got hit with a nasty virus while out in the field, several folders of important data were lost. Though many of the files would be available to him when he returned to the Power Lair, some files were crucial to his current case. Many miles from home, Power had only one option: recovery software.

Thinking quickly, Power Downloader searched for a software savior. After only a few clicks of his mouse, he was able to locate... Read More »

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T-Mobile users: Get yer free Windows Mobile upgrade

It's freebie Friday for T-Mobile Dash or MDA users running Windows Mobile 5 from their handsets. The carrier is offering free downloads of the Windows Mobile 6 platform from its Web site, and all you have to do to get them is enter your 10-digit phone number.

The updated mobile platform officially launched in February at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Spain, unwrapping improvements to search, security, and Windows Live support services. Visit CNET for full coverage of the new... Read More »

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Mysteries of Software: VLC Media Player full-screen controls

Mysteries of Software: VLC Media Player full-screen controls

Here's an answer to a question that no one has ever asked me: "What are the full-screen keyboard controls for the open-source video software VLC Media Player?"

Boy, I'm glad you never asked me that fantastic question, because VLC Media Player (for Windows or Mac) is excellent free software that has gone on to inspire other open-source projects like Songbird.

The answer to the question is indeed out there in the wild tubes of the Internet, but it's pretty tricky to find,... Read More »

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