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Will you use Safari?

Will you use Safari?

For those of us interested in software, the lack of an iPhone developer's kit announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday was a bit of a disappointment.

What we got instead was Safari for Windows, which is exactly what I don't need: another Web browser. When considered with the relaunch of Netscape Navigator last week, it's clear, however, that the battle for control of your browser is still a major front in the software wars.

Internet Explorer has reigned supreme since the dawn of the new century, while Mozilla... Read More »

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'Dance Dance Immolation': Burning up the dance floor, literally

Those schools that are using Dance Dance Revolution to get their kids into shape aren't the only ones who've found a great use for the game, but it's doubtful Dance Dance Immolation will ever make it to a gymnasium near you.

Created by Interpretive Arson, a fire-art group from Oakland, Calif., Dance Dance Immolation uses a freeware version of DDR melded to pilot lights, gallons of propane, and heat-resistant proximity suits. Instead of losing points, though, a single misstep gets... Read More »

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Earthcomber: Your smart phone marks the spot

I do not take directions lightly, primarily because if I did, I'd never get anywhere. For the woefully orientation-challenged (and easily frustrated) like me, legible maps and accurate instructions are crucial. Even more so is being able to access them from a PDA or smart phone when you're lost.

Thankfully, there's a proliferation of reliable mapping and GPS-locating software for mobile handsets, but today I'll focus on one that contains both downloadable and Web-based (WAP) components.

Earthcomber Pros: Broad cross-platform support;... Read More »

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Power Downloader finds the right words

Power Downloader finds the right words

When Power Downloader recently sat down to check his e-mail, he quickly noticed a message from his niece, Kitty Kilobyte. In the message, Kitty explained that she would soon be attending a summer English class, which would mean she would probably be writing a lot of papers. She went on to explain that though she was embarrassed to admit it, spelling wasn't her greatest skill, and any software he could recommend would be a big help.

Thinking quickly, Power Downloader pointed... Read More »

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Navigating back from the dead

Cue the creepy music. It's baaaaack.

After becoming the rickety, dilapidated, abandoned building of Internet browsers, the proverbial paint peeling and the windows boarded over, Netscape Navigator has returned.

The makeover started last year with version 8, but it was little more than Firefox's engine with some plug-ins embedded in the code and far less flexibility. That wasn't exactly a Klaxon call to rush out and try it.

How about now? Well, it's still built on the Mozilla engine, but the... Read More »

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Yahoo releases critical security patch for IM

Yahoo has issued a critical security patch for Messenger to address zero-day exploits that take advantage of vulnerabilities in its Webcam ActiveX controls.

The exploits to instant messaging surfaced Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the vulnerabilities were first reported to Yahoo by eEye Digital Security.


Download: Yahoo Messenger for Windows

People could find their systems at risk if they visit malicious Web sites or view other malicious HTML code. The attackers... Read More »

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iPhone on the way

iPhone on the way

If you read any of the Mac news sites, you probably already know the official release date for the iPhone is June 29. With the release only three weeks away, Apple has been ramping up the hype with three new commercials showing more of the iPhone's features.

I have to admit, for my part, the hype is doing its job. The latest group of ads show off the versatility of the iPhone using a number of its features together. My... Read More »

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Stay connected with Windows Mobile

Stay connected with Windows Mobile

Aside from keeping you in touch with your colleagues and friends, your Windows Mobile device might also be your portable music player, personal calendar, gaming machine, and, of course, your mobile gateway to the Internet.

No matter how many uses you already have for your portable device, there's always more to discover. Become a master of mobile technology with this collection of downloads designed for Windows Mobile users on the go.

PocketMirror Professional

Your contacts are the same whether you're calling from... Read More »

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ooVoo jumps into video and IM chat space

ooVoo is a free, standalone desktop chat application that has both a text and video chat capabilities. Its official launch is next week, but the beta has been available since mid April. I took it for a spin this morning and came away impressed.

There are a ton of chat clients out there, so one of the things it has done to differentiate itself is multiperson video chat. ooVoo can handle as many as six people in one video conference,... Read More »

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Firefox 3 Alpha 5 (Gran Paradiso)

Although it's not intended for public consumption, a new build of Firefox 3 Alpha 5 (code name Gran Paradiso) is available for download from Mozilla. In this release, add-ons created for Firefox 2 may not work. For end users, Firefox 2 remains the latest public version. The final public release for Firefox 3 is not expected until the fall of 2007. See a slide show of Firefox 3 Alpha 5 here.

Intended for developers and beta testers, Firefox 3 Alpha... Read More »

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