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The secret of AVG

There's no doubt that Grisoft's AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 offers a high level of protection for a reasonably low price. What isn't so well-known is that the program will actually work beyond the 30-day trial limit.

We think. Staff Writer Jason Parker discovered a line in the Help notes of the AVG Anti-Spyware that indicates that only some features will be disabled after 30 days, as opposed to the whole program going kablooey. From day 31 and on, we think... Read More »

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Killer Download: The best free FTP clients

Killer Download: The best free FTP clients

If you maintain a Web site or blog, you need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Mainly used for uploading and downloading files to and from a Web server, FTP clients can also download obscure files and documents from any number of servers around the world. The good ones make the process of uploading and downloading fast and painless with features that eliminate unnecessary steps and offer common security protocols.

I've tried a number of different clients and found many that... Read More »

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Grandma's in a pickle

You're never too young or old to become a download fanatic--or a victim of online threats (just lay your peepers on our security glossary for an unsavory taste of what's out there.)

Some seniors, like my octogenarian grandma, keep their computer use simple with one trusty program that fulfills a basic need, minus extra frills. Others go wild with downloads and customizations for their desktop and browser. Find out how the 71-year-old dame of this week's Spyware Horror Story got... Read More »

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What's the perfect iPhone app?

What's the perfect iPhone app?

Phill Ryu, one of my favorite Mac bloggers--and also a developer of fine Mac software--recently came up with five applications he'd like to see on the iPhone. There are already a ton of applications available for iPhone, many of which you can find at our iPhone Approll (a lot of the applications were reviewed by yours truly!). But if you're an iPhone owner, I would bet at least one of Phill's ideas has probably crossed your mind. I think my... Read More »

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Hip to be Squared

There's nothing more frustrating than an anti-malware program installing its own spyware on your machine. Fortunately, malware remover A-Squared 3 has figured out a way to protect your computer without the doublespeak.

When the program starts, it opens to the Security Status page. From there, you can run scans, update the program, hit links to the A-Squared knowledge base and help forums, and choose from among 20 display languages. You can also submit a suspected malware file to the publisher... Read More »

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Three better ways to download mobile games

You've got to applaud mobile carriers for knowing how to make a buck. Additional text-messaging and data-transfer services are one way to pad the bill for basic calling, and capitalizing on your boredom and curiosity is another. It's common for cell phone carriers such as Sprint and Verizon to lease games in addition to or instead of selling them. But fees add up, and you still won't own them.

1) Instead, go for game packs such as Hot Games Pack for... Read More »

My browser can beat up your browser

My browser can beat up your browser

Last week's post about Living with Windows XP generated a virtual storm of comments. Most readers echoed my own personal notion of sticking with XP for the near future instead of upgrading to Windows Vista.

It's not surprising that a discussion about operating systems can arouse empassioned responses. After all, it's the most essential software many of us run. The only other current candidate for king of software apps is the mighty Web browser.

I've been thinking about browsers lately, as well as my allegiance to Mozilla Firefox as... Read More »

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Download streaming videos with RealPlayer 11

The new beta version of the classic streaming-media app RealPlayer lets users record both audio and video streams to their hard drives. In this Quick Tips video from CNET TV, Tom Merritt shows you how it's done. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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Coming to a Flash video near you: high definition

Adobe Systems intends to add support for a video compression standard that will bring high-definition video to Flash-based streaming content on the Web.

The company on Tuesday announced the release of a beta version of its Flash Player, code-named Moviestar, that adds support for H.264, the video compression portion of the MPEG 4 standard.

The updated Flash Player also will be able to take advantage of hardware acceleration in most PCs' graphics cards and is optimized for dual-core processors, said Mark Randall,... Read More »

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First Look: Take a peek at SpywareBlaster

First Look: Take a peek at SpywareBlaster

There's a reason why SpywareBlaster made last year's list of best free security and spyware programs. The free spyware prevention utility blocks ActiveX controls, tracking cookies, and ads on Internet Explorer and blocks cookies and ads on Firefox. Take a look at the program's features in the video below, and check out other First Look videos on popular software products.

... Read More »

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