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Love me, love my toolbars

For a system-savvy Romeo, saving a damsel in malware distress is one way to win her heart. At least that's the sincerest hope of one teenage boy who helps his crush extinguish malware. Who knew that malicious code could be such an aphrodisiac?

It's just the reverse for Charles, who agrees to help a love interest optimize her system, only to discover that her blinding security ignorance--and excessive toolbars--are an instant turn-off.

But what killjoys got the girls in the first... Read More »

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Quick Tip: Drag, drop, and download with BitComet

BitComet is one of the most popular BitTorrent applications on CNET, but did you also know that it can also work as a regular download manager. Rich DeMuro shows you how to drag, drop, and download with the P2P file-sharing app. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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Two cheers and a hiss for Yahoo Go 2.0

iPhone has its touch Safari browser, ZenZui will have its tiles, and Yahoo has Yahoo Go 2.0 Beta, a free service that also seeks to give users a novel Internet experience--especially if the users in question are Yahoo groupies.

Essentially a buffed and polished vehicle for its products and services, Yahoo Go groups its search bar, calendar, e-mail, news feed, and Flickr photo services in a single, well-proportioned design. Rotating carousel icons launch each service and keep the interface snappy. The... Read More »

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LimeWire going legit?

LimeWire is best known as the latest in a long chain of software that makes it easy to find and download music for free, replacing Napster, Grokster, eDonkey, Kazaa, and all the other applications and networks that shut down or cracked down on the sharing of copyrighted material.

Lime Wire LLP, the company that makes the LimeWire software application, has also been sued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), but has so far refused to cave, saying that... Read More »

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Use Windows Live Messenger as a telephone

You may have heard about Skype, but did you know that little old Windows Live Messenger can make phone calls? Molly Wood shows you how to make voice and webcam calls using the popular IM software. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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Microsoft fixes 14 flaws in 9 patches; 6 are critical

Microsoft today released its August 2007 security bulletin, which includes nine updates: Six are designated as "critical" by the software giant and three are deemed "important." Two patches affect Microsoft products on the Mac, and one affects Windows Vista. All Microsoft security patches for Windows and Office software are available via Microsoft Update or via the individual bulletins detailed below.

MS07-042: CriticalTitled "Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution (936227)" this bulletin affects users... Read More »

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Living with XP

Although Windows Vista was released back in January 2007, Windows XP still maintains a stranglehold on personal computing. As of June 2007, according to Net Applications, Windows XP is used by 81 percent of all computer users, compared with 5 percent for Vista and 6 percent for Mac OS and MacIntel combined.

In his weekly column, Killer Download, Jason Parker recently took a look at three popular freeware apps that can extend the power and lifespan of your Windows XP system. CCleaner, RAMBooster,... Read More »

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Power Downloader's strange software solution

Power Downloader's strange software solution

Power Downloader has been around long enough to know that young people tend to go through phases in their lives. Particularly in college, when young people are trying to figure out what path they want to take and what kind of individual they want to be, a certain degree of experimentation is expected. When Power's niece, Kitty Kilobyte, recently stated in an e-mail that she would no longer use any software from a huge corporation, Power smiled knowingly to himself... Read More »

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Eight (and a half) free Web music players

Eight (and a half) free Web music players

If you're the sort of Web surfer who hangs out on social-networking sites like MySpace and Facebook or someone who frequents MP3 blogs, you've surely seen and used one of the free Flash audio players in this article. All of the Web-based apps below let you add a functional music player to your home page or blog with no muss and very little fuss.

In this article, I am focusing on Web software that lets you create custom playlists with specific... Read More »

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Productivity the Mac way

Productivity the Mac way

Among the announcements at Apple's press event on Tuesday, Steve Jobs talked about the many improvements to Apple's iWork office software. iWork, not unlike Microsoft Office for Windows users, provides a suite of programs designed around productivity. Though the names are different than their Office counterparts, it's pretty easy to tell what each program is for by their names, which include Pages for word processing, KeyNote for presentations, and Numbers for spreadsheets. Mac users who use iWork already love Pages... Read More »

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