With so many face transformation apps flooding the App Store today, do we really need another one?

Yes, say FaceApp's developers. Available for iPhones and Android devices, FaceApp lets you transform your standard selfies into something far more exciting -- or weird or creepy. Why go with basic when you can age yourself 40 years or even change sex?

This is how you do it:

Start by snapping your own selfie or importing an existing headshot from your photo album. The app has a hard time picking out a face from a noisy background, so make sure your headshot is clear and recognizable. It can work with heads not directly facing the camera, however.


Then tap the Old filter to fast-forward to an older you. Or tap Young and turn back the hands of time to a more youthful you.


You can pick from two Smile filters to turn that frown upside down. Or tap the Male or Female filter to change your sex.


While FaceApp won't transform images with multiple faces -- or those containing pets or pumpkins it does work on avatars or cartoon characters.


The app does its image-processing on company's servers, so there can be a bit of a lag as the app does its work. Although the wait time isn't too bad, with the $3.99 pro version, the company promises quicker image processing as well as no watermarking and or ads.

Clifford Colby follows the Mac and Android markets for Download.com. He's been an editor at Peachpit Press and a handful of now-dead computer magazines, including MacWeek, MacUser, and Corporate Computing.