Like the augmented-reality concept of Pokemon Go but don't care to chase cute little pocket monsters? Plenty of other games use your phone's back camera lens and GPS to layer animated graphics onto live scenes around you. So if you've ready to face a fiercer challenge, here are five augmented-reality games to put you in the apocalyptic battle of your life.

Ingress (iOS, Android)


Four years before Niantic created Pokemon Go, the developers made augmented-reality game Ingress. Ingress transforms your phone's screen into a map of your immediate landscape, overlaid with a parallel world in imminent danger. To save that world from doom, you must join one of two factions: The Enlightened or The Resistance. Then you hack portals positioned at nearby landmarks or local businesses and capture a seeping foreign matter that could enslave humanity if it falls into the wrong hands.

Clandestine: Anomaly (iOS, Android)


An alien spaceship is about to hit our planet and cause an Earth-wide infection. Defend humanity from extinction in one of two ways: Work with a covert organization to build and deploy colossal structures called Pulsars, from which you'll launch airstrikes against the foreign invaders, or just run around your area, tracking and shooting alien foes.

A.R. Warriors (iOS, Android)


Monstrous creatures are everywhere you look in A.R. Warriors. Hold your phone parallel to the ground to create a battlefield, and when your monster appears, pick the right opponent and weapon to defeat it.

Zombies Everywhere (iOS)


The undead are everywhere -- TV, movies, books, comics. Zombies Everywhere tears down the fourth wall and puts soulless corpses all around you, on your turf. Blow their brains out with an arsenal of weapons, including a flamethrower, a mini gun, and a shotgun. Aim by moving your phone, and shoot by tapping the screen. The more zombies you kill, the more weapons you unlock and the better your chances for survival.

Real Strike (iOS)


First-person shooter Real Strike integrates your phone's camera with real-time computed 3D gun animation to turn any situation into a war for the world. Select one of 25 high-precision 3D weapons, pinch to aim, swipe to fire, and shake to reload. Stage a nighttime sneak attack in Real Strike, which boasts environment-sensitive dynamic lighting. As soon as night falls, the game enters Night Vision or Thermal Vision mode, so you can continue warring from dusk till dawn.

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