Gmail (iOS, Android) may be a go-to email app on mobile, but I often go begrudgingly. For starters, my Gmail inbox is cluttered with myriad communication threads that are difficult to wade through, especially if they're drawn out with quotations and signatures and have multiple addressees. Sometimes I can't even tell where to respond. Gmail also lacks important features on mobile, such as quick access to contacts, one-swipe message deletion, and an easy unsubscribe or blocking solution. But you can improve your Gmail experience with the following five apps.

Inbox by Gmail (iOS, Android)


A more organized inbox is easier to navigate. That's why Inbox by Gmail groups similar messages together, so you can view them by group and then delete them with a single swipe. Inbox also puts the most important info up top, so you don't have to open and sift through the email to get it. Finally, it enables you to set reminders to revisit attention-demanding emails when you have time to focus on them, and you can snooze less important emails to handle at a later date.

Mailburn (iOS)


Mailburn streamlines your inbox by dividing messages into Conversations, Newsletters, and Other. Signatures and quotes are hidden, so the messages are front and center. You can archive, delete, or mark emails as unread with simple swipes. After you send an email, tracking alerts notify you when your message has been opened.

FullContact (iOS, Android)


Google's Contacts is slowly improving, but there's still no way to access your list from the Gmail app. What's more, when you do access them, they're siloed from your other phone, email, and iCloud contacts. And if that's not bad enough, I found plenty of duplicates, which I had to merge. FullContact is handy because it brings all your contacts together, merges duplicates, and is easy to access from your phone.

Mail to Self (iOS)


If you're one of those people who loves emailing webpages, notes, or YouTube videos to yourself, you know how annoying it can be to do it via Gmail, since you'll have to hit the Share button, open the Gmail app, fill out the To and Subject fields, and then tap the Send button. With the Mail to Self app installed, just tap the Share button and then Mail to Self, which cuts out at least three steps.

Unroll.Me (iOS)


The often arduous process of unsubscribing from bothersome spam adds insult to injury. Unroll.Me does the job in a single step. The first time Unroll.Me launches, the app lists all your subscription-based emails -- some that you may not even know you have. Tap on any one, then swipe left to unsubscribe or swipe right to keep. What sets Unroll.Me apart from competitors is that you can also swipe up to put emails in a daily digest that comes in the morning, afternoon, or evening, according to your preference, so your inbox never gets overloaded.

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