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Microsoft Photo Editor is the now-defunct image-editing app once bundled with Microsoft Office (97 through XP) for Windows. With Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Photo Editor was replaced by Microsoft Office Picture Manager, a lackluster image-management tool with only minor image-correction and photo editing features. Microsoft Office Picture Manager was dropped with the release of Microsoft Office 2013, and Office no longer incorporates an image editor. Windows users should download a standalone image editor or do what they can with Word's limited image-editing capabilities.

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Which mobile photo editing apps can help me manage my photos once they're edited?

Google Photos (iOS, Android)

If hundreds of photos are sucking up space on your device, then the Google Photos app is for you. Store all your photos for free on Google Drive at high quality, or get up to 15GB of space if you want your photos in all their original-resolution glory. Additionally, Google Photos lets you create cool collages, movie montages, and animations from your photos.

Piccam (iOS)

Piccam saves your photos to a PIN-protected, encrypted, 15GB cloud storage account. Integrate with Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram to store and access your photos from any platform or device. Piccam also includes a cloud camera so that you can capture videos, photos, and EchoPix (photos with audio) for up to an hour of sights and sounds.

Qwikword (iOS , Android)

Remember Rorschach tests, where you're shown an image and say the first thing that comes to mind? Qwikword is way more fun. Post a photo and watch others offer the first word they think of. The words then form a word cloud under the image, and the more that a particular word is chosen, the bigger it gets.

EyeEm (iOS, Android)

EyeEm provides a feature-rich camera, sophisticated editing tools, and a creative community to inspire you. What's more, EyeEm Market connects you with companies that want to buy your work, as well as contests with monetary prizes.

Shutterfly (iOS, Android)

Bring your photos to three dimensions with Shutterfly. You can turn your shots into prints, photo books, and photo gifts, directly from the Shutterfly app.

Can I edit photos in Word?

If you own Microsoft Office for Windows (32-bit, 64-bit) or are an Office 365 subscriber, then you have Microsoft Word -- and therefore a built-in image editor -- in your toolbox. Just click the Insert tab up top, then Pictures, and select an image to embed in your document. After you insert the picture, click it, and then click the Picture Tools Format tab. From there, you can crop, select color variations, compress at different levels, and apply special effects.

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Microsoft Photo Editor Alternatives

Microsoft no longer offers an integrated photo editor in its Office suite. But if you're in the market for a Microsoft Photo Editor alternative for red-eye removal, to improve brightness and contrast, or to crop a photo, we recommend these three free photo-editing software apps.

GIMP (Windows)


Free photo editor GIMP is a powerful photo retoucher, complete with sophisticated features like layers, filters, and effects. Use it for batch-processing and conversion, or to paint and draw. GIMP is open source and is supported by an ever-expanding collection of third-party plug-ins and tools.

Paint.Net (Windows)


Paint.Net is a full-featured image-editing app with an intuitive, streamlined interface. Whether you want to touch up photos before sharing them with friends or you need high-quality images for professional projects, Paint.Net provides plenty of tools for adding layers, introducing text, or applying filters and effects.

Fotor (Windows)


With Fotor's robust toolset, edit your photos singly or in batches and create collages. Whether you frequently edit photos or are new to the process, this app gives you everything you need to enhance your images.

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