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If you're not using a password manager, then you're probably gonna have a bad time sooner or later. Password managers can create passwords that are pretty much impossible to guess, but all you need to remember is the master password that keeps your manager app on lockdown. Apps like 1Password go even further by putting your account database in the cloud, so you're not hosed if you lose access to the device where you've stored your list of passwords.

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1Password began rolling out its version 7 update this week for Android users, bringing a fully refreshed UI, integration with Watchtower, easier access to other 1Password accounts, and other odds and ends. It also arrives in the midst of increasingly stiff competition from LastPass, Dashlane, Blur, Bitwarden -- and those are just the cloud-based heavy hitters.

The hamburger menu that used to house the different sections of the app is now gone, with those sections now accessible via shortcuts on the bottom of the screen. The three-dot menu in the upper right is still there, though, with a set of actions that changes according to what section of the app you're in. The "Get help" function will take you to an extensive support section within the app, with a search function and a subsection for tutorial videos hosted on YouTube.

In place of the hamburger menu is a colorful button that you tap on to access your other 1Password accounts (so that you can, for example, have one account for business use and another for personal use).

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With version 7 also comes integration with your Watchtower tools. Watchtower is a service within 1Password that can do three different things: check if one of your website logins shows up on a list of compromised accounts, check haveibeenpwned.com to see if your password is listed in a database of hacked accounts, and check if one of your accounts has a two-factor authentication option that you're not using.

Note that 1Password costs $3 a month to use after a free 30-day trial, putting it on the expensive side. LastPass costs $2 a month (billed annually), and Bitwarden has a respectable free tier. Bitwarden is arguably the biggest threat, because it offers almost everything in 1Password for free, plus it's open-source.

This last part makes Bitwarden theoretically more trustworthy than a proprietary app, because the open-source model lets you examine the actual source code for backdoors and other security holes, assuming you have the expertise.

Meanwhile, for those of you who understandably prefer to keep your password lists completely offline, the open-source KeePass remains in active development and available across a dizzying variety of platforms, also for free.

The takeaways

  1. The Android version of 1Password 7 has started rolling out to users, bringing a refreshed UI and more integration with Watchtower and other 1Password accounts that you may have.
  2. 1Password costs $3 a month to use, with a free 30-day trial.

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