Your mother loves you, but she probably counted the days 'til you turned 18. So, in honor of Mother's Day -- coming up May 11 -- we have 18 iOS and Android apps. Treat yourself and your mama to some handy, affordable tools that every mother should have. And for gifts with power buttons, check out CNET's Mother's Day Tech Gift Guide for cameras, wearable tech, home theater, and more.

For new moms:

Baby Monitor App and WebMD

Baby Monitor App

Concerned about the tyke being safe in the crib? Worry no more with this app, which turns a second smartphone into a baby monitor. Get call alerts when the little one is crying, set lullabies to lull baby to sleep, or record your voice for a wake-up when nap time is over. (iOS or Android)


WebMD is the premier source for health information. The app also contains some cool healthy-living tips, as well as first aid info. (iOS or Android)

For thrifty moms:

Redlaser and KidsEatFree


Use your phone to scan any item, and the app delivers price comparisons from major retailers (Amazon, eBay, and so on) so you ensure that you're getting the best deal. (iOS or Android)


The app searches for nearby restaurants with kids specials and displays them all in one location. (iOS, Free or Pro)

For working moms:

Seamless, Eat24, and iAllowance

Seamless and Eat24

Working late? No time to make dinner? Both of these apps let you order from nearby restaurants -- just save your payment info in the app and pick your menu items. (iOS or Android)


All children need to learn responsibility and the value of a dollar. With this app you can set allowances, assign chores, set rewards, and track your kids' progress. (iOS)

For health-conscious moms:

Nike Training Club, Pepperplate, and BigOven

Nike Training Club

Nike established a special club to get people out and about. The official app offers workout tips, plans and the training club can help motivate you to get active and stay healthy. (iOS or Android)

Pepperplate and BigOven

These apps can help you prepare some amazing dinners. Create and manage your own recipes, or get inspiration with ingredients you already have on hand. Pepperplate helps with food planning, while BigOven gives you access to 250,000 recipes. Whether or not you have kids in the house, these apps can cut down the time spent on meal planning and leave you more time for cooking. (iOS or Android)

Apps for every mom:

Netflix, Spotify, and Oyster

Parents are expected to be on call 24/7/365, and that means little "me" time. Break for some sweet tunes (Spotify, Google Play Music), catch up on your favorite shows (Netflix, Hulu), or maybe wedge in a bit of reading (Oyster). If you're still looking for gifts for your mom, a subscription to these services isn't a bad idea.

Speaking of gifts, the best is always a text and call. WhatsApp and Viber are good ways to go. Snapchat your mom if you're afraid of leaving embarrassing texts. Of course the easiest way is to pick up your phone!

Have a happy Mother's Day.

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