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Life can feel so complicated sometimes. You wake up in the morning feeling exhausted and in dire need of coffee. Your smart coffee maker's gone off, but there's no coffee in it because you forgot to purchase it. You're trying to get out the door to buy some at your local coffee shop before heading into work, but you can't find your keys in your insanely messy and cluttered apartment. When you finally get to the coffee shop, you realize it only takes cash for purchases under $5.

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You finally begin your morning commute only to learn that there are train delays. You'll have to take the bus, but have no idea which one or where to catch it. So you ask around, but everyone thinks you're crazy and won't stop to respond. By the time you figure it out with some googling, you're running late. Ten minutes later, you're still stuck on the train, but that doesn't stop the work email and Slack notifications from flooding in. If only you had an app that allowed you to swipe on your phone using just one hand while you held onto the handrail, so you could get a jump on your incoming work before it piles up. Because now you're finally at work, and you're already way behind.

Once your workday is over, you rush to your favorite liquor store to procure a bottle of wine for a friend's party, but you have no idea which to pick. You ask the cashier for their thoughts, but they don't drink, so you just pick the bottle with the coolest label on it. Too bad that you were deceived by its appearance and everyone put their glasses down after their first unsavory sip. You return with a better bottle and decide to take a few selfies, but the lighting and angles aren't right, so you spend so much time editing your photos that you get labeled disengaged and even rude. As you head out to grab a slice of pizza on your way home, you end up walking directly into a crime in process.

The good news is that all of these inconveniences and potential dangers could have been avoided if only you had the following apps on your phone to make life simpler.

Remember the Milk (Android, iOS)

Busy schedules, work priorities, and social commitments can be distractions from some of the more basic tasks people need to get done. The Remember the Milk to-do list app will help you simplify your life by remembering the items, like coffee, milk, or anything else, you need to pick up or do that day. Input your to-do's, and they'll be synced across all your devices so you can access them from anywhere. And in case you forget to check, you can set helpful reminders to be notified of things you need to do by email, text, or messenger.


TaskRabbit (Android, iOS)

Have a messy home, but no time to clean? Need to complete a minor repair or assemble furniture or hang art, but don't consider yourself very handy? If you live in one of TaskRabbit's participating cities in the U.S. or U.K., then you can just hire someone to do the tasks for you for very little money. Booking an appointment is easy. Just describe what you need to be done, get matched with a qualified and trusted Tasker, and your Tasker will come over at your agreed-upon time to get it done in a timely manner for a price you can afford.


LetGo (Android, iOS)

Make 2018 the year you finally get rid of all that unwanted stuff you have cluttering up your space and live that minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle. Not sure how? Forget time-consuming estate sales and nerve-inducing Craigslist ads for decluttering. LetGo can help you sell your old Motorola StarTAC cellular phone, Feel The Bern campaign t-shirt, Nintendo 64, orange bean bag chair, and much more. Just take a photo of your old book, unwanted clothes, or any other possessions -- and let go! The app's advanced AI will aid in autofilling your listing, and you can vet users by ratings and reviews and a quick in-app chat before agreeing to meet them.


Cube Tracker (Android, iOS)

Where were you supposed to keep those keys? In the bowl. But you forgot again and now they're who knows where? If you just had a Cube, you'd be able to find them easily.

Cube is a small tracker that you attach to your keys (or pretty much anything else) and then just ping it from your smartphone using the companion Cube Tracker app. You'll hear it ring if it's close by, but if it's not, then the app can show you where it was last on a map.


Starbucks (Android, iOS)

Forget hitting credit card minimums at corner mom-and-pop coffee shops. The Starbucks app enables you to easily pay for your daily triple-shot almond milk latte or other -- more economical -- beverage of choice at your nearest Starbucks location with a tap or save time by ordering in advance for pickup -- all while earning Stars points toward free drinks and food.


Citymapper (Android, iOS)

Why fumble with difficult-to-decipher brochure schedules or struggle to make sense of station maps, when the Citymapper app, drawing on real-time data, helps chart your fastest public transit trip instantly.

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Smooz Browser (Android, iOS)

The Smooz Browser allows users to navigate across web pages with just one hand. With the app, you can seamlessly move from tab to tab with long-presses and swipes and easily open bookmarks, close tabs, translate pages, and even surf privately with customizable gestures.

smooz.png (Android, iOS)

If you have a cluttered Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, or account, it can feel impossible to sift through each morning. The app is like your personal secretary, helping you unsubscribe from unwanted emails, consolidate myriad newsletters into one email or Rollup, and keep everything else in your inbox. Do this for one or all of your email accounts. Now, if only could read and respond to the emails, too...


Vivino (Android, iOS)

If you want your friends to respect you, then put the bottle of Two Buck Chuck back on the Trader Joe's shelf and pick up the Vivino Wine Scanner app. You'll get wine recommendations from a collection of hundreds of thousands of more coveted labels. You can also scan a label at the wine store or an entire wine list at a restaurant and get pricing, ratings, reviews, and even food-pairing options on the spot.


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Facetune (Android, iOS)

Don't waste time editing your selfies with your subpar native Photos app or flipping through Instagram filters that don't quite match what you're looking for. Instead, open up the popular photo editor Facetune for quick and easy retouching. Whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, remove red eye, discard stray hair, blur the background, improve the lighting, and much more. Then share your masterpiece on social media.


UberEats (Android, iOS)

No need to brave the stress of the scary outdoors to hunt down a great meal anymore. Make life easier with UberEats, which brings you the food you're craving from a variety of restaurants as fast as a speeding Uber.


Citizen (Android, iOS)

Why do people continue to take their lives in their own hands? The Citizen app adds an extra layer of protection when you're out and about, telling you about crimes happening near you in real time, so you can take an alternate route to your destination.


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