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You come home from work after a hard day only to find that your fridge is empty, your floor is covered in dust bunnies, your laundry bag is overflowing with unwashed clothes, and that stack of checks has yet to be deposited.

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Your outgoing packages are still patiently waiting to be sent and your boxes of "junk," to be donated or sold. Your dog is less forgiving, after waiting to be walked for the last eight hours. Its cries compete with the chorus of sounds coming from your leaky bathroom faucet and your lightbulbs all burning out at once.

What's a busy person to do when their work and social lives take over and they have no time to handle their housework and errand running? Noting which household chores need to be done using the Remember The Milk to-do app for iPhone and Android is a good start. But the 10 apps on our list will help you get your chores and errands done without lifting a finger -- except maybe to type and swipe.

Grocery shopping

Instacart (Android, iOS)


No time to shop for groceries at your favorite grocery store or supermarket? Available in hundreds of cities, Instacart's Android or iPhone app gets groceries to users from supermarkets in your area in as quickly as an hour for a low to no delivery fee.

Unlike competing delivery services, Instacart makes groceries its primary focus, with partnerships with more than 150 leading grocery chains nationwide to bring you all the fresh and shelf-stable foods and drinks on your grocery list. View all the nutrition info just as if you were in the store.

Search Instacart's curated collections or by keyword and even enjoy coupons and deals on products that, if purchased, can even earn you free delivery. After placing your order -- which must hit the partnering store's delivery minimum -- these items, along with favorited items, will be saved for easy reordering next time. For speedier checkout next time, save your shipping and payment info in the app.

Get updates along the way and even communicate with your personal shopper if any changes need to be made to your order. Then get it in as quickly as one hour for $5.99. You can get around this fee and even get unlimited free delivery on orders of $35 or more by signing up for Instacart Express for $14.99 per month or $149 a year.


Rinse (Android, iOS)


Between the loading of your laundry, the banging of the washer and dryer, and the ironing and folding of your clothes -- it's no wonder you've put off doing laundry for the last month. But you're running out of clothes to wear!

Rinse can come to the rescue. Just book your wash-and-fold or dry cleaning in the app, and let Rinse do the rest. Rinse will send out one of its trusted valets to pick up your laundry or dry cleaning on any day of the week and return it all freshly laundered or dry cleaned using eco-safe products within a few days or the next day if you pay a little more. Rinse also offers much-appreciated extras, such as Hang Dry service, leather care, and simple repairs. If you have a doorstep, porch, or concierge, Rinse can even retrieve and deposit your orders when you're not at home.

Fix-its (Android, iOS)


Most people can't afford to have a live-in housekeeper or a handyman on stand-by. But we also may not have the time or the expertise to handle anything from a deep cleaning to the changing of a lightbulb.

But Handy's trusted and experienced professionals know exactly what they're doing. Just book one in the app and get house cleaning or a variety of handyman services, such as picture hanging, TV mounting, curtain installation, and plumbing and electrical services handled quickly and efficiently.


Citi Mobile (Android, iOS)
Wells Fargo Mobile (Android, iOS)
Bank of America - Mobile Banking (Android, iOS)
Chase Mobile (Android, iOS)


The days of rushing to the bank on your lunch break or after work to deposit checks are over. Whether you bank with Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase, you can now use your mobile devices' cameras to capture both sides of your checks and make deposits from home or anywhere.

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Post office

USPS Mobile (Android, iOS)


Those long lines at the post office are a thing of the past with the USPS Mobile app. Now you can check the status on priority and certified shipments, calculate shipping prices, schedule a next-day pickup from your home, request a hold on your mail, and digitally preview incoming mail straight from your phone or tablet.

Letting go

OfferUp (Android, iOS)


One person's junk is another's treasure. So before trashing that old iPod or Dell laptop, try listing it for sale on OfferUp and potentially earning some money. Snap a photo and write a brief description of your item and just wait for the offers to come rolling in. The seconds that it takes to list will be well worth it when it sells.

Dog walking

Wag! (Android, iOS)


Dogs may be man's best friend, but sometimes we put work before our pet pals. For those times when we simply can't make the time to take care of their bodily needs, we can at least take comfort in knowing that one of Wag!'s dog walkers is on doody duty. Just book an experienced and well-vetted dog walker in the Wag! app and rest assured that your dog is getting its needs met with GPS tracking, live pee/poop alerts, and a rover report card. If you're out of town, you can also book overnight in-home dog boarding or drop-in visit house sitting through the app.

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