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  • Your child/daycare diary.
  • Last updated on 9/4/2020
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Developer's Description

Your child/daycare diary.

- For parents - (see below for daycare centers)

Invite your partner, grandma and grandpa, the child carer. Theyll keep you up to date on your childs day and theyll have all the important information at hand.


Mark the days your child goes to the daycare, who will pick him up and/or bring him back, appointments with the paediatrician, the day at grandpa and grandmas, birthdays, and all the events in your childs life.


Start the timer and press the right or left breast icon. For the breast pump, once finished, indicate the quantity obtained: your stock is then increased in the app and will be updated automatically when your child has a bottle of breast milk . With MyNannyBook, you will always know where you stand!


Keep track of your childs allergies, vaccination dates, cough, colic and other everyday ailments. Track your childs growth and weight on the WHO charts. You wont miss any information when you visit your paediatrician.


Get an overview of how much milk he drinks, what solid food he eats, what he likes and dislikes.


Thanks to MyNannyBook, note down and visualize on graphs your childs sleep periods and the times when he sleeps best. Track his progress and soon hell be sleeping through the night.


Send important information to everyone who cares for your child. Share photos, or his health status with peace of mind.


Keep all his first times and his cutest or funniest pictures taken with you, at the daycare or at the grandparents house. And share these moments with your loved ones.

MyNannyBook keeps you in touch with your child, wherever he spends his day.


Connected and collaborative - synchronized data on all your devices and real-time messages

With graphs and statistics - sleep, diet, growth, weight

Always all the information at hand

Safe and secure - all your data is safe and secure. You give access to those of your choice. You choose who sees what. And you can exclude someone from your group at any time.

Our mission is to help you ! We want to:

bring you closer to the people you care about

facilitate your exchanges

assist you in your already busy daily life by keeping everything in one app

and allow you to focus on whats important: that precious bond between you and your child.

We will NEVER sell your data to third parties. You are important to us.

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- For daycare centers -

MyNannyBook is also available for daycare centers & nannies.

One account with all children

Attendance management

Easy communication with parents

Childs daily reports including

- activities

- naps

- food & beverages

- medecines intake

All informations about

- authorised pickup

- health issues & allergies

- emergency contact

Free app acces for parents

Try MyNannyBook for free during 21 days

Or visit our website for more information


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