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My Daily Report for iOS

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Key Details of My Daily Report

  • Daily journal for non-writers.
  • Last updated on July 18, 2020

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Developer's Description

Daily journal for non-writers.

Keep track of daily activities, feelings about certain topics, and ratings you've given to each day.

A "Day" has three categories:

- Scores: How is the day going on a scale of 1 to 5. Rating.

- Activities: Things you have done today. Verbs.

- Prompts: Ask yourself questions with multiple-choice answers. Introspect.

With "Catalogs", populate a repository of Activities and Prompts, to create a unique day-tracking experience tailored to your own life. Select from these when adding events to a Day.

Visualize your data at-a-glance, with "Tiles and Stats". Are your days getting better or worse over time? Are you doing certain activities more? Or less? Do you still have a crush on that boy from that coffeeshop down the street? How will you know if you don't keep track!

Added bonus: no pesky notifications, no permissions needed, and it's FREE!

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