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Music Intervals Trainer for iOS

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  • Intervals recognition is easy.
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Developer's Description

Intervals recognition is easy.

Interval is the fundamental part of music structures, since all melodies or harmonies can be considered as a sequence or layering of intervals. This app is to help improve your ability of interval recognition. More specifically, you can develop the following skills:

Ear Training

When you hear a melody, youll be able to recognize the intervals by ears. This will improve your sense of relative pitch which is a powerful skill for any musician to have.

Music Reading

When you read the music score, youll be able to identify the intervals between notes quickly. This will help improve the speed of your music reading.


The app can detect the voice of your singing or the sound of your instrument playing through the microphone. This can help you sing/play intervals accurately.

Piano Playing

If you are learning piano or keyboard, this app can help you identify the intervals between any pair of keys. This is very useful for chords and scales recognition, and it can even benefit your improvisation.

Music Transcription and Intonation

The ability to name and reproduce musical intervals, is also an important part of music transcription and musical intonation.

To help you acquire all the powerful skills mentioned above, the app provides the following features:

Practice Mode

You learn at your own pace simply by answering the question, and if you are wrong, the correct answer will be shown for the duration of your choice.

View Mode

You dont need to do anything but watching, the questions and answers will be shown automatically after the delay of your choice. Good for lazy people like me. :)

Game Mode

In this exciting countdown mode, you can challenge yourself and earn as many coins, medals, and trophies as you can.

Search Mode

This mode allows you to look up the intervals you dont know.

Learning Range Customization

You can filter the intervals to learn by interval quality or number. This is extremely useful when you want to focus on certain interval types or differentiate the similar ones such as Major Third and Minor Third.

Question/Answer Approaches Customization

You can customize the question and answer approaches flexibly, which allows you to do Reversal Learning. For example, to practice reading intervals, while you can answer the interval name based on the music notes you see, you can also do it reversely: answer the music notes based on the interval name you see. This is an effective way to memorize.

Intelligent Questioning

Each question is generated intelligently based on the statistical information of your performance for each interval, so yes, the app enjoys attacking your weaknesses, but to make you stronger! :)

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