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  • Private trainer in your pocket.
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Developer's Description

Private trainer in your pocket.

Your complete AT-HOME and GYM TRAINING APP for any fitness level. Sign into the Momstrong Move app using your Momstrong Move account to access your workouts. Take your workout anywhere: at the gym, at home, or on the move. No matter your goals, Momstrong Move has a plan for you to succeed. Come sweat with your trainer, Meg Miles from Momstrong, and join the Momstrong Movement in growing an online community of women who are committing to themselves, taking control of their health and fitness, and strengthening themselves from the inside out.


1. Download the free Momstrong Move app

2. Sign into the Momstrong Move app securely with your login information

3. Access your workouts and get moving




Six 20-40 minute at-home workouts each week in both video and written form (two new workouts being added each week)! Get in shape from the comfort of your own living room or take the app on the go. These workouts will cover total body and specific muscle groups each week to lead you toward your health and fitness goals. The only equipment you will ever need are two 5# dumbbells, two 10# dumbbells, a heavy resistance band, and a chair/step. Don't forget your water!


Six 40-60 minute gym workouts each week (with two new workouts being added each week). These workouts include step-by-step instructions/demonstration videos and include focused training on total body and specific muscle groups. All workouts are modifiable. All content is balanced for you to maximize your efforts and lead to greater results. Are you ready to crush your health and fitness goals? Let's do this.


A motivational message or workout/nutritional tip each week, giving you just what you need to keep working toward your goals.


Track your progress each week, write down your personal weekly goals, and track your workouts to keep you motivated!


"I'm loving it so far! Things I love:

1. That I can see and hear that you're working hard at the same time as me! It's not just a bunch of "moves" thrown together by an algorithm, like an app I previously subscribed to -- that trainer didn't shed one drop of sweat.

2. The variety! Other [programs] I've tried have been super repetitive.

3. The encouragement! My favorite line so far: 'You can do hard things.'

4. It's challenging! I'm burning more calories than other workouts of the same length."- K.D.

"They have all been hard workouts, but I have stuck through them. You have helped push me past what I thought I could not do. As I finished this workout today I realized how far I have come in these past weeks. You have given me myself again. I have been in an awful rut for the past year and a half and I've been trying to find my way out of it. I've always loved how exercising makes me feel, but I have always had a hard time keeping promises to myself. Working out with Momstrong Move has been a ray of sunshine in my life and more light is coming each day because of it. I've started keep promises to myself. Thank you, thank you!" -Emily P.

"I am LOVING this workout program so much. I get so excited for Monday to roll around again! It's kept me so motivated and accountable, and the best part is I am starting to see real results and feel way better about myself! So happy to be a part of this." -C.B.

"I am truly LOVING Momstrong Move! I am looking forward to each week, and keeping my commitment to myself to take care of my body. Thank you again It fills me with joy and I can really feel your support through your videos, even though we haven't met in person." -Laura F.

Download the free Momstrong Move app to begin your own journey toward greater health.

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