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SMobile Systems

SMobile Systems, based in Columbus, Ohio, creates innovative mobile security solutions for virtually all mobile device platforms. There were many assumptions that the market for mobile devices would develop like the market for PCs, and that everyone would converge on a single one-size-fits-all design. But in reality, the opposite has happened, with more and more diversity as the market grows. Therefore, we've chosen to address the entire mobile spectrum. We support over 50 major customers of the four driving client consitutents of the smartphone industry: the Operator, the OEM, the Distributor, and the Enterprise. We develop and market software that prevent intrusions and data compromises on nearly 300 devices across the full range of mobile OS's, including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, RIM, and Linux. Our new Enterprise offering allows companies to protect all their mobile-based assets, with SMobile VirusGuard managed from a PC-based console.

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SMobile Systems
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