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Mequilibrium Music Player Free for Android

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  • Mequilibrium is a minimalist music player for Android OS; but don't let the word ''minimalist' confuse you, because under that UI, there is a...
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Developer's Description

Mequilibrium is a minimalist music player for Android OS; but don't let the word ''minimalist' confuse you, because under that UI, there is a...

Mequilibrium is a minimalist music player for Android OS; but don't let the word ''minimalist' confuse you, because under that UI, there is a powerful and flexible music player which has the following key features which make it unique :

Fast startup : Most applications on the Play-store are pretty slow reading music from your SD card when you have lot of music stored, but Mequilibrium no, it is like a thunderbolt when it comes to reading music.

Guide Included : A lot of music players on the Play-store have a lot of functionalities, but not all the music players explain what to do with those options. Mequilibrium has an easy access to a guide that explain all the functionality and more.

Adapted to Android Environment : Adapted means that : this application manages to be polite at time of playing music (Audio Focus), for example, if you are using other audio/video application or you receive a phone-call, Mequilibrium will stop playing music if you are using it. This music player manages to be controlled remotely(Media Buttons) this means that Mequilibrium can be controlled through notifications in the notification panel and the lock screen of your device, even it can be controlled via of the earphones controls.

Great UI Customization System : Mequilibrium offers you multiples way to customize the UI environment. You can customize the color of the application with the eight default colors that has the app; you can even mix them, change the way they are shown. This music player also offers the possibility to configure your own backgrounds in the music player.

Music Controls Enhanced : All the music players have the random mode to reproduce the current music list randomly. But what if I said you that Mequilibrium has two modes random("Pure Random" & "Singular Random"). This app also has "inversed mode" that invert the way the current music list is played. Also a repeat mode with two modes. Mequilibrium also has a countdown timer which can be use when you go to the gym or you do other activities timed. In this app you can even play or change the music by just shaking your phone, but most importantly keep in mind that you can combine all these mode to make a unique way to play a music list.

Search Mode Enhanced : With Mequilibrium you can search for songs in a unique way, you can search songs with multiple search criterions. There are two modes of search : One is simple and fast, yet the other is profound(DeepSearch). In the profound one you can combine search criterions and can have different parameters. For example if you want to make a search of two different artists on your current music list you can do in only one search request, unlike most music players that don't have that capability. Mequilibrium has the capability of make the profound search not only with the artist also with : the music genre, folder, album, and root folder. It also have a characteristic called "MixSearch" that facilitates to mix the search results and playlists.

Other options : This app permits the user to configure when to check songs changes in the SD card or not. It also permits to configure when to search for the songs covers , and lets you configure a time filter for the music from a external disc.

Supported formats : mp3, ogg, wav, m4a, mkv, flac and 3gp.

All those features mentioned make Mequilibrium unique and valuable to try.

Keep in mind that more functionality will be added as the users require.

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