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  • Master In C++ is pretty app for all C++ and OOPS Concepts, Optimizing C++,C++ Programs and C++ Annotations.
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Master In C++ is pretty app for all C++ and OOPS Concepts, Optimizing C++,C++ Programs and C++ Annotations.

Master In C++ is pretty app for all C++ and OOPS Concepts, Optimizing C++,C++ Programs and C++ Annotations.

It is very easy for Beginners and Intermediate Programmers. from LITTLEDROPS.NET

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C++ Basics

C++ Concepts

C++ Programs

C++ with OOPS

C++ Annotations

C++ Quick Reference

Optimizing C++

C++ Key Points for Daily Reminder

Remember Today Board for Continues Last Session

Efficient Search and Bookmark (Favoraties)


Rich UI Layout and Navigation

Rich UI with Today Board and Favorites

Fast Processing

More than 1000 Topics Covered

More than 400 C++ Terms Covered

Code Syntax Highlighting

Mobile Optimized Content and Images

End to End C++ Concepts and Terms

Offline Ability to Read

C++ Programming Concepts

Introduction to C++ Programming


Structure and Functions Basics

Pointers, References and Dynamic Memory Allocation

Examples on Classes and Objects

OOPS Advanced click to expand contents

OOP Inheritance and Polymorphism

Operator Overloading

Template and Generic Programming

Strings, File, and Libraries click to expand contents

Characters and Strings

C++ Libraries and STL

Stream IO and File IO

Exception Handling and Tips

Data Structure and Algorithm In C++

C++ Programs

C++ Simple C++ Programs

C++ Basic Programs

Program Flow C++ Programs

Functions C++ Programs

Arrays C++ Programs

Formatted IO and File IO C++ Programs

Pointers C++ Programs

References C++ Programs

Structure C++ Programs

Class and object C++ Programs

Inheritance C++ Programs

Polymorphism C++ Programs

C++ Annotations

1: This overview of the chapters.

2: A general introduction to C++.

3: A first impression: differences between C and C++.

4: Name Spaces: how to avoid name collisions.

5: The `string' data type.

6: The C++ I/O library.

7: The `class' concept: structs having functions. The `object' concept: variables of a class.

8: Static data and functions: members of a class not bound to objects.

9: Allocation and returning unused memory: new, delete, and the function set_new_handler().

10: Exceptions.

11: Give your own meaning to operators.

12: Abstract Containers to put stuff into.

13: Building classes upon classes.

14: Member functions.

15: Gaining access to private parts.

16: Classes having pointers to members.

17: Constructing classes.

18: The Standard Library.

19: The STL algorithms.

20: Function templates

21: Class templates

22: Advanced Template

23: Several examples



Classes in C++

References in C++

Template in C++

I/O Fundamental Types

Inheritance in C++

More OOPS in C++

Abstract Base Classes

Files in C++

Data Representation

Exception in C++


Run Time Usage

Optimizing C++

Optimization life cycle in C++

Writing efficient code in C++

General optimization techniques in C++

Code optimization in C++


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