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Kudos Knowledge

We are passionate about creating the next generation of applications driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which we power using a technology we have invented called Semantic Social Intelligence(TM) Through the invention of Semantic Social Intelligence(TM), Kudos Knowledge has overcome the global problem faced by all web users: trying to source the information needed without suffering from information overload. Semantic Social IntelligenceTM enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason at information execution time, taking artificial intelligence to an intuitive level and thus ensuring that the information most wanted is the information supplied. We have encapsulated our technology into our Semantic (Social Intelligence) Platform, which we use to drive our own products (Enliten, Kudos Chat Search and Celebtweety, but which also allows any (3rd party) application to utilise this technology to create superior solutions, by using our publicly available API.

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Kudos Knowledge
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