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Loud Alarm Clock Best and Loudest Alarms 2 Wake Up for iOS

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  • Tired of sleeping through your alarm clock?
  • Last updated on 2/21/2024
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Developer's Description

Tired of sleeping through your alarm clock?
Tired of sleeping through your alarm clock? Never again. Loud Alarm is here to save you. Use Loud Alarm to make sure you wake up on time, every time. This extra-loud alarm clock can be set to go off at any time and will alert you with loud alerts over and over until you're up. for good. F_E_A_T_U_R_E_S. [+] 10+ super-charged sound alerts to choose from. [+] 20+ sound alerts to choose from. [+] 7+ volume-boosted voice alarms to choose from (NEW.). [+] Background mode runs whether app is opened or closed. [+] Set as many alarms as you need, multiple alarms supported. [+] Repeat notifications that go off over and over until you're up. [+] Snooze 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes (Available). [+] No advertisements. [+] Great for heavy sleepers or people who normally sleep through their alarm. [+] Works on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad and iPod Touch. ((Be sure to turn your volume all the way up for the best results.)). {{ AVAILABLE SOUNDS }}. Big Horn, Car Alarm, Danger, Emergency, Military, Old School, Siren, Whistle, Air Horn, Armageddon, Big Applause, Big Buzzer, Boo, Car Alarm 2, Car Horn, Chalkboard, Chicken, Classic Alarm, Dead Piano, EAS Beep, EAS Warning, EKG Freakout, Extreme Scream, Fast Alarm, JackHammer, Machine Gun, Nails on Chalkboard, Panic Alarm, Progressive Alarm, Police, Racing, Referee Whistle, Ringing, School Bell, Siren 2, Space Alarm, World War 3 + more than 7 hilarious voice alarms to choose from. REAL USER REVIEWS. "One of the only alarms that actually wakes me up. I have a really hard time waking up and this one gets me up with no problem. Easy to use and very handy. Glad I got it". "The best of the BEST - This has saved my life usually u have to keep the app running not this tough I'd give it 10 stars." "I literally have about 10 alarms set for when I have work early the next day and there's been times where I turn them all off in my sleep. But with this alarm clock, you will definitely not do that. When it went off, I seriously sprung up so fast to turn it off & that really woke me up haha. Definitely worth it." "Awesome, it is so loud everyone can hear it". "Great for getting up early. If you need a alarm to wake you up but don't have one well then your in luck cause this really wakes you up when you need to just like and normal loud alarm clock. This app is great." "Try the car alarm alarm, nobody could sleep through that." "Great. Alarm is much louder than the alarms that come preloaded on the Iphone. Only comes with a few free sounds but more available for purchase if you would like more options, but with the basic sounds this alarm performs exactly like its name, LOUD." "Great alarm. Works great. Very loud and annoying. You will wake up." "Nothing wakes me up BUT THIS APP DOES." "Great app. Always gets me up on time some days especially after I've been drinking I could def use extreme scream alarm sound". "Great alarm. Works well and loud so it wakes me up no problem." "Amazing. It's really good if it's hard to get up in the morning it has amazing sounds to get up. (I recommend car alarm) and it's easy to use and it's snooze is like a minute and it dosent go off till u turn it off. it's my go to app. i recomend this fully. it helps me every morning I need to get up. the alarm that comes on your phone comes no where close to this app. try it." # DOWNLOAD NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.