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  • Living Buddy is your new talking exercise-buddy - choose the one you like.
  • Last updated on 9/25/2020
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Living Buddy is your new talking exercise-buddy - choose the one you like.

Living Buddy is your new talking exercise-buddy - choose the one you like. Together, you can collect point, increase your level and win cool accessories for your Living Buddy. Choose between six different activities, and challenge your friends to a battle and see who gets the best score.

- Run (collect points while you are running. The app will visualize your route when your done.)

- Biking (Collect points while you are biking. The app will visualize your route when your done.)

- Race (Run against an animal, and see who is fastest.)

- Workout - 7 min. (5 levels with chosen exercises that can easily be done on e.g. the floor in your livingroom.)

- Balance (Work on your balance with Living Buddy)

In all the activities you collect point and thereby increase your level. Reaching special levels will unlock cool accessories for your Living Buddy.

Living Buddy is developed in collaboration with both children and young people. Especially young people with cognitive disabilities has been a big part of Living Buddys development - and we owe them all a BIG thanks for their help and persistence in our many training-workshops we have held with them.

The 5 workouts in the Living Buddy app are developed in collaboration with The Danish Physiotherapist, to whom we owe a special thanks.


Get your mobiles out and start motivating the students to do exercises with Living Buddy. The students do not need to sign up to get their own Living Buddy and start collecting points. In a class, you can e.g. design your own physical Living Buddy scoreboard to see how the kids are doing compared to each other.

DRAW FIGURES - when you are out running, Living Buddy visualizes the route you ran. The students can be assigned to run different geometrical figures, e.g. in relation to a star-run or adventure-race

HIGH PULSE BEFORE SEDENTARY WORK - with the Living Buddy Race activity, the students sprints 70 meters, to see whether they are faster than the animals chosen on the Living Buddy app. The Race is a quick exercise and can be done in the schoolyard or on a straight road.

WORKOUT IN THE CLASSROOM - if the students are lacking physical movements in between school and course assignments, you can use the 7 minute Living Buddy workout to get the students energy levels up. The Living Buddy can either be projected to the blackboard in the classroom from the teachers smartphone or the students follow along with their own Living Buddy on their phones during the workout.

COMPETE AGAINST ANOTHER CLASS - the Living Buddy Shake activity - #shakelivingbuddy - takes only about 30 seconds and is a quick way to raise the energy level in the class. The Living Buddy Balance activity takes about 5 minutes, and is both fun and challenging. Collect all the students points, and challenge another class.

Living Buddy - exercise, workout and fitness with animated talking fitnesspal avatar and coach that gives motivation through gamification, education and fun, specialized for people with autism, ADHD and cognitive disabilities

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