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This app can realize the totalizer or aggregation function

in the party,concert,educational class,or etc.If you have this app,

it is unnecessary to introduce the HIGH-COST totalizer or computer system.

The personal information of voting is protected.

This app is not suitable for using at the situation can not convey

the question, or the situation to know the exact number of votes.


ADD UP MODE [One device implementing the aggregate]

(1)Making the Vote room

Start the app.You enter a unique room number(at least four digits).

You press the [ADD UP MODE] button.

** You have to run this app in stable internet access,because it is always

necessary to Sync vote server.

(2)Setting the number of choices and the choice items

If it appears "Setup counts and contents of the Choices",

The first,you decide the number of choices.If you have the two choices,

it is OK in the default setting.If you have the three or four choices,

you set in the on-off switch button.

The Next,you decide the choice items.you input the contents of choices

in each TextEdits.

When you are ready,tap "Start Vote".

** This app do NOT have the function to display the question.So,It is

necessary to tell voters the question in oral,or etc.

(3)Start Vote

If Voting is started, display "Now voting remaining[?:??]".Vote number

is displayed on the screen in real time.

If you want to modify the choice(s),you tap "Change Choices" button

after you modify the contents of the choice(s) in TextEdit.

If you want to interrupt the voting,you tap "Stop Voting". It may take

several seconds.You have to wait until displaying "Result of this vote".

(4)Result of this vote

Number of people that have been confirmed will be displayed.

If you tap "Next New Vote Setting",start the new vote setting.

If you want to leave the vote room, tap the Back button in your device.

VOTE MODE [Voting devices. No limit number]

(1)Login to VOTE ROOM

Start the app.You enter the ROOM Number(Number was informed from

"ADD UP MODE" user in advance),and tap "VOTE MODE".

** You have to run this app in stable internet access,because it is always

necessary to Sync vote server.

(2)Waiting for the VOTE setting in "ADD UP MODE" device.

If it appears "It is possible to vote now" ,you can vote.

If it appears "You have already voted" or "LastVote was finished",you wait

until next Vote.

(3)Stop the vote

You can leave the VOTE ROOM at any time,when you tap "Back to ROOM LOGIN"

App setting [Tap the menu button in your device]

(1)Limit time for a voting

The default is 5 minutes.This value is only valid in the "ADD UP MODE".

(2)Server URL

Usually,please do not usually change.If you input blank,

the default value will contain.

(3)UUID [Not use UDID]

It is used to identify the each devices.You can not change this value.

I have also introduced this app's usage in YouTube.

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