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  • International Business conducts business transactions all over the world.
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International Business conducts business transactions all over the world.

International Business conducts business transactions all over the world. These transactions include the transfer of goods, services, technology, managerial knowledge, and capital to other countries. International business involves exports and imports.

International business encompasses a wide range of professions that rely on management, marketing, business, advertising, logistics, information technology and other skills. Individuals interested in this field may find it beneficial to speak a secondary language.

International Business is also known, called or referred as a Global Business or an International Marketing.

An international business has many options for doing business, it includes,

Exporting goods and services.

Giving license to produce goods in the host country.

Starting a joint venture with a company.

Opening a branch for producing & distributing goods in the host country.

Providing managerial services to companies in the host country.

Topics Covered in This App are Listed Below

What is Business?

What is International Business?

Importance of International Business

Internationalization of Business

Advantages of Internationalization


Factors Causing Globalization of Businesses

Adapting to Changing Needs

Country Attractiveness

Business Environments


End of Protectionism in History

Liberalization Vs Deregulation

Arguments, Counterarguments, and Discussions

Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization

Revolutionary Economic Trends

General Agreements on Tariffs & Trade

GATT Major Principles

Role of GATT in Promoting International Trade

World Trade Organization

Reasons behind the Formation of WTO

Role of WTO in Promoting International Trade

Role of Developing Countries

Global Trade - Major Challenges

Modern Theories

Global Competitiveness

Factors Affecting Global Competitiveness

What are Regional Trading Blocs?

Regional Trading Blocs Advantages


Major Trade Blocs

Strategic Compulsions

Areas of Strategic Compulsions

Standardization Vs Differentiation

Strategic Options

Factors that Affect Strategic Options

Global Portfolio Management

Factors Affecting Global Portfolio Investment

Modes of Global Portfolio Management

Drawbacks of Global Portfolio Management

Modes of Entry

Organizational Structures

Centralization vs. Decentralization

Use of Subsidiary Board of Directors

Organizational Structures in Detail

Control Mechanisms

Objectives of Control

Types of Control Mechanisms

Approaches to Control Mechanisms

Constraints of Control Approaches

Performance Issues

Effective Performance Measurement System

Performance Evaluation System

Financial and Non-Financial Measures of Evaluation

Types of Performance Evaluation Systems

Production Issues

Factors that Affect Production

Facility Location

Scale of Operations

Cost of Production

Make-or-Buy Decisions

Supply Chain Issues

Globalization and its Effect on Supply Chain

Global Marketing Mix

Consumer Products




Application of 4 Ps

Foreign Investment by International Companies

International Investment Outcomes

Factors for Investment Decisions

Funding the International Business

Sources of Funds

Foreign Exchange Risks

Hedging Forex Risks Internal External Techniques

HRM Issues - Recruitment and Selection

Development & Training

Performance Evaluation

Management of Expatriates

Adverse Effects

Conflict Management

Factors Causing Conflicts

Conflict Management

Five As Technique


Ethical Issues

Employment Practices and Ethics

Human Rights

Environmental Pollution


Moral Obligations

Applying the Golden Rule to International Business

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