Key Details of Infectors - RTS Online

  • Bio war: Infect other cells.
  • Last updated on September 26, 2020
  • There have been 4 updates

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Developer's Description

Bio war: Infect other cells.

Infectors, a real-time online strategy game a little different from what you've seen. Here viruses fight to contaminate cells from others in a biological war.

This RTS consists primarily of resource management. Similar to territory domination games, in Infectors, you must control cells until you are the last player present.

All cells generate energy that is used both to defend them and to make attacks.

By combining simultaneous attack strategies, observing the most fragile targets, sharing energy between your cells (to keep your team strong), paying attention to the distances between attackers and targets, and using the right items, you can beat your opponents or die trying.

Initially the player has no items, but as he plays, he will acquire items to be equipped in his team, they are:

- Nutrition: improves energy regeneration of all cells;

- Spores: improves the attack of all cells to their final targets;

- Tallow: improves the speed of all cells and attacks, and increases the friction damage;

- Membrane: improves the resistance of all cells;

- Mutation: gives chance to generate critical attacks (3x stronger);

- Extra membrane: ability to create shields;

- Adrenaline: ability that improves a cell for 30 seconds;

- Sacrifice: ability that makes a cell do an attack that use all its energy and receive a bonus;

- Move: ability that allows the displacement of cells; and

- Extra: ability that allows additional energy generation outside the cells.

The game can be single player (against artificial intelligence) or multiplayer (up to 4 players) each for themselves.

Come prove your strategies, earn trophies and climb the ranking.

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